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Chapter 198
Ethan and the boys were awestruck when Eva came out of the room . She's a beauty to behold, her characteristic comparable to Ann and Sophia .

She's tall and slender, with silky long black hair, straight pointy noise and full kissable heart shape lips . Any hot-blooded men will salivate and drool if they saw her in the outfit she's wearing .

A tight fitting black evening dress, the length is above the knee which highlights her long slender legs . A see-through V-shape opening at the front, showing a little cleavage .

When she turned around to show the back, Ethan almost lost it . It's a see-through from the waist up and shows her milky white skin .

That's it, Ethan had enough . He got up and took out his suit jacket and put it on Eva to cover the exposed part of her body .

"What are you doing?" Eva tried to take off the jacket he had put on her .

Ethan was adamant for her to wear it, It's for his sanity . " You need to change out of the dress; it's too . . . too . . " He couldn't say the word, afraid to embarrass himself in front of the boys .

"Too . . too, what? Say it! It's too . . . , what? Also, this is the only dress I have for tonight . How am I supposed to go, butt naked?" Eva banter knowing Ethan's was easily embarrassed .

' I would love to see you naked, but not to go out . ' Ethan was thinking with a grin on his face .

"Of course not! You wouldn't do that right?" Ethan asked concern was visible on his eyes .

"Hahaha!" Eva laughs out loud . Who would have thought that just a couple hours ago, she was being held captive and almost beaten to death by her father?

Thank's to Ethan rescuing her; she now feels at home and safe in his hand .


Jeff was pissed off at his brother; he keeps on complaining to Ann while his getting ready for the dinner . "What the heck is wrong with that boy and that girl that he's got his eyes set . Every time we turn around she needs rescuing .

Ann was doing a finishing touch with her makeup . When she heard what Jeff said about the girl is in trouble again, she turned and looked at Jeff with curiosity . "What happened now? Is she alright?"

Jeff continued trying to put his tie on and didn't reply to Ann's question .

Ann's is now curious, but she was not getting an answer . She put down the brush that she had on her hand and went to Jeff to fix his tie .

While she's setting his tie, she asked him again about the girl . For some reason, she has a good feeling about the girl and also curious about her .

"Why don't you call Ethan and tell him to invite the girl," Ann asks Jeff while they were getting ready to walk out of the room .

"Sweetheart, I don't think we need to tell him that . As you said earlier, he's courting her, and if he is I'm sure he already asked her to accompany him tonight alright!" Jeff put his two hands on Ann's shoulder, then started ushering her out of the room .

As they were about to get in the car, Ann's phone lit up and started buzzing . She looks at the screen to check who's calling before answering;

It's Lea . She explained to Jeff, She answered the phone and put it on speaker for Jeff to hear as well .

"What's up! Lea!"

"Wow! You actually answered my call . " Lea complained .

"What do you mean by that? I always answered your call . So what's going on?" Ann asks a little unhappy .

"Oh! Don't be a sourpuss I was only playing with you alright . The reason I called is about the dinner tonight . " Lea was trying to explain .

"What about the dinner tonight? Don't tell me you're not coming? Girl, you better have a good reason, or I will not let you off when I see you . " Sadness was showing on Ann's face .

"I'm sorry! I forgot that today is the day that I'm supposed to meet Ronald parent . " Lea explained then sigh .

"If you don't want me to go there, I'm sure they would understand . You only need to say the word . " Lea's making her feel guilty instead of getting upset .

"Of course you should go there, what you take me for? This is your future in-law, you better give them a good impression alright!" Ann's tone of voice changed after hearing Lea's excuse .

"Will do! If you said so, of course, I must comply . " She jokingly told Ann before hanging up the phone .

"So, she's meeting Ronald's parent?" Jeff asked nonchalantly .

"Yah! You heard what she said . That's good right?" Ann's concerned for Lea .

"She would be fine . "