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Chapter 199
Sophia, Albert, and Grandma Tan were the first to arrive . The Tan's driver and Grandpa Go's household staff where busy unloading all the gift that Grandma Tan selected for her twin .

Grandpa Go noticed it and started complaining . He's anxious that his gifts would be overshadowed .

The seniors were enjoying a cocktail in the parlor while waiting for the rest of the party to arrive .

"Albert, I heard that you went back and took over already . Is that right?" Grandpa Go asked, making small talk .

"Yes, sir! Jeff and I spoke the night before and discussed it for the sake of the mother and babies health . "

"That's good, I'm glad . I was going to suggest it tonight at dinner; it seems that I don't' need too . "

Sophia was busy on the phone with Edna in regards to her tour that was interrupted .

Grandma Tan was also on the phone playing candy crush to pass the time while waiting .

Ann and Jeff arrived, and soon afterward, Ethan, Eva, and the boys came in as well .

Ethan introduced Eva and the boys to everyone, only saying their names . Grandpa Go welcomed them wholeheartedly .

Albert Tan greeted them warmly, including the boys and had them sat by him . Sophia only glanced a little before continuing her conversation with Edna .

Eva was fangirling when she saw Sophia; she idolizes Sophia for as long as she could remember . Now that she's seeing her in person, she doesn't know how to act .

Ann saw the excitement on Eva's face as she was looking at Sophia . He eyes brightly shining while grinning secretly .

Jeff acknowledge them with a stone cold face . He's still unhappy about Eva causing his wife kidnapping .

Ann was about to approaches Eva when the Butler announces that dinner is ready .

"Alright! Everyone, let's have our dinner so we can give our gifts afterward . " Grandpa Go announced for Jeff to hear .

"What gifts? No one said anything about a gift?" Jeff, Ann, and Ethan all complained .

"Don't worry about it; the gifts are mostly for the twin anyway . We only picked up a few for everyone . " Grandpa Go explained .

Jeff heard what his grandfather said and thought of something . "Grandpa!!! What did you do now? How many hours was the store closed?"

"Grandpa Go only smirked and turned to go to the dining room without answering Jeff's question . "

"I swear!!! I don't know what to do you with you anymore . " Jeff snarled

"Oh! Come on, It's my store, and I can do what i want with it . "

"Grandfather, your not the only owner of that store . We have shareholder to answer too if your forgetting . " Jeff's eyes were bulging from anger .

"I can't wait to see how much your total this time . "

"Hahaha! I don't think you want to see that . If you don't want to have a heart attack, I advise you not to check it . " Grandpa Go warned Jeff .

Ann's lost in translation . She's looking at the two of them back and forth not understanding what they were talking about at all .

They might as well speak in a foreign language, cause she doesn't understand what going on, and so as the rest of the people with them .

The dinner went smoothly; everyone made small talk while eating . Eva and the boys were spared, for questioning .

Grandpa Go keeps on sneaking a look at Eva and Ethan's direction . A smile would form each time he would glance at them .

When the dinner was almost finished, grandpa Go couldn't hold it anymore and asked Eva a question . "Eva, you don't mind me calling you by your first name do you?"

"No, sir! I'm sorry! It's was rude of me not to introduce myself properly . " Eva stood up and looked at everyone shyly before introducing herself . "Hello! Everyone, my name is Eva Wen, I want to thank you all for inviting us to this wonderful dinner . " She bows then sat back down .

Sophia and Ann both looked at each other than to Eva . Sophia was the first to speak .

"Eva, you said your last name is Wen? Do you mind me asking what your father and grandfather's name is?

Everyone's eyes were on Eva waiting for a reply, along with Ethan who's now curious why Sophia was asking that question .

Ann's holding her breathe, now she understands why she felt a kinship with this girl . As it turned out, she could be a close relative . Jeff was holdings his wife's hand and staring at the girl who had caused his wife gets kidnapped .

Relative or not, Jeff was still upset and had not forgiven the Eva . He's only cordial due to Ann's warning before they arrived . If it's up to Jeff, he would interrogate her right there and then .