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Chapter 2

Present time:

Meanwhile, in Cambridge Massachusetts Ann is preparing for her graduation speech . She graduated with honors, a valedictorian and must give an address of encouragement to the new batch of students .

While she's doing her final check on her notes, she can't help but feel sad . She's the valedictorian, but she has no one to share her achievement .

Her best friend and manager Lea is out of the country doing business on her behalf, and she has no other friends or relative .

She has a mother somewhere in Asia and a biological father that she never knew who? Her goal and dreams are being achieved little by little, but why is she not happy at all . 'Only if her Mother can see her now, would she regret not acknowledging her?' 'How about the unknown biological father . . . Would he be proud? . . . He doesn't even know I exist in this world . ' She thought while looking downcast .

While Ann was deep in her thought, She did not realize a man had been watching from the side, thinking and debating he should announce his presence or wait after the ceremony . That man is no other than CEO Jeff Go, the man she had a fake marriage four years ago .

Jeff decided to observe for a little more . Went to find his assigned seat and watch . 'How this beautiful woman his wife give a speech . He's so proud of her accomplishment, even though he cannot share her happiness at the moment . However, that would change soon enough . '

While Ann was waiting for the Dean to announced her, she can't help herself and started thinking about a particular person four years ago .


Flashback again: ( re-run)

'Four years ago she went to Lea's workplace to see if there's a part-time job available . She needs to make a quick buck so she can compete in a singing competition . When she arrived at her friend's workplace, she found her arguing with her now ex-boyfriend .

He's trying to recruit Lea to do a translation job for a friend's CEO; the only problem is there's a clause, she either old or married, which she is neither' . She still remembers the arguments their having .

"How about we get married now, and the problem is solved . " Lea's boyfriend suggested .

"What? Are you nuts! WHO said I wanted to marry you . " You got to be kidding to think that I'm serious about our relationship be real ok! .

Lea' boyfriend was smoking mad when he heard this: "Well if you don't want to marry me, then let's break up then!"

Lea: "whatever!"

That's the situation that Ann saw when she arrives .

Lea's boyfriend saw Ann and remembered that she could also do a translation . Probably even better than Lea, for sure the CEO will be satisfied with her if she accepts the job .

He made his way to Ann: " Good, you came at the right time, I have a Job for you! It will pay a hefty chunk of change, interested?"

He explained to Ann the requirement for the job, and how much money they are willing to pay and if she does a good job, she can receive a bonus . However, there's one catch, she needed to be married, or over forty years of age, she's neither one . She cannot change her appearance to look like forthy, so the only option is to find a husband and get married . (Fake husband)

Ann figured that with the amount of money offered, she could hire a fake husband to post to get the job done and once finished she can go to the audition with plenty of cash left .

Just one problem where would she find a fake husband: 'How about him? No! I can't he's too greedy he would want more than his fair share that will not work . However, this is such a good opportunity to let go . ' "All right! Deal when do I need to report?" Ann asked .

"You have a day to find a husband or aged thirty more years if you don't-both you and your friend will be in trouble you hear!"

"Don't worry since I can't turn into an old lady; I will make sure to find a husband . Mark my word!"