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Chapter 20

They were both blushing like two teenagers that just got caught by their parents doing something terrible . For them to show face, they acted superior in front of the two people that found them . Ann told Lea to go on home first and will talk about the business trip she did later . Jeff told Ronald to see his family that living in the area for a week, giving him a vacation . The two got the picture, decided to go along and took off leaving just the two lovebirds .

" My place or yours?" Jeff asked Ann with eager eyes; a concern is showing in his face, afraid of what her reply would be .

Ann thought for a moment . 'We can't go to my place Lea is there . We can't go to too many places either; people might recognize me . I might not be that famous . Still, people heard about me, and I need to be careful of my image . ' No other option left . "Let's go, to your place!" She told Jeff .

When they arrived at the hotel we're Jeff staying, the doorman new right sway who Jeff is, his been with the company for many years, he still remembers that day when this young man taken over the whole Empire . " Good evening CEO Go!" Jeff nodded and continued helping Ann out of the car .

The doorman couldn't help smiling a little when he saw his boss with a beautiful young girl, " they sure look perfect to each other" he thought . Then it suddenly occurred to him that he knows that face, she's not very famous, but she's outstanding . His face lit up, if he can get a picture of them together, it will be worth a lot sold to a tabloid .

Jeff saw the doorman's expression, he took action and hurriedly tucked and covered Ann with his coat, hiding her face in the full view . Is not good if she gets some bad news written about her .

They hurriedly went into his private elevator .

As soon as the door closes, Ann wants to be free from under Jeff's arm that hugging her . She's still drunk from all the alcohol she consumed, and their last interaction was .

She needed to create a distance, if not .

Jeff has another idea though, he turned Ann facing him and just looked at her . . . staring . . staring some-more . . . then . . . slowly . inching . nching . Closer to her lips . when he's about to touch that sweet red lips . . "DING!!" The elevator door opened, "WTFFFF" Jeff sigh in prostration . "What did I do to deserve this? Ahhhhh, I can't believe this, isn't four years long enough ?" he muttered .

Ann took advantage of the situation, she gave Jeff a little smile and hurriedly escape from him .