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Chapter 200
Ann procures her sweetest smile showing her pearly white straight teeth . Then lovingly looks at Jeff before excitedly said anything .

"Sweetheart, wouldn't it be nice if we are related somehow?" She whispered into his ears softly, eyes shining like a star then pointed her pouted mouth towards Eva Wen .

"I knew that we have many relatives around here, but I never thought that she would be one of them . I'm excited to get to know her . " Ann made it sound imperative and for Jeff to understand .

Jeff looks at his wife lovingly, studied how thrilled and cheered she was with the thought of being related to each other . How could he go against that, he simmers down for his wife sake .

Sophia's focus was with Eva, she waiting for her answer . So as everyone else along with Ethan and Ann .

"My father is Edward Wen, my mother deceased, and my grandfather's name is Peter Wen . He's the ex-CEO of Wen corporation in which now being managed by father and uncle . "

Eva looks around after declaring to see what kind of reaction she would receive . Seeing that everyone just acknowledged without making any criticism, she breathes as a sign of relief .

Sophia was in the middle of drinking her cocktail when she heard what Eva said, and she almost chokes, she ends up spitting the tea that was on her mouth .

Luckily she was quick to cover her mouth . If not, it could have gone into the food in front of her . After hearing the name Peter and Edward Wen, Sophia knew who she is right away .

Eva is her second niece, no wonder she has class and beauty . It runs in the family, and it made her proud .

Sophia plan on speaking with the Eva after dinner, she has a lot of question, and she wants an answer . To be inconspicuous, she made small talk to Albert about the continuance of her concert tour .

Ethan keeps on putting all kind of food on Eva and the boy's plate . "Eat! stop playing around and eat . " He told them while glaring at them .

Bentong didn't like the looks of any the food . The fancier the food, the less they wanted to touch it . He gave Ethan a pitiful and sad look before looking down .

"Don't push them; they're not used to this type of food . Are you forgetting?" Eva reminds Ethan .

Ethan felt terrible for the way he scowled them; he forgot that this is the first time they had ever been in this setting .

He changed his tactic . "If you don't like the food, you don't have to eat them . If you want a different kind of food, let me know and will ask the chef to make it, alright?"

He then turned his attention to Eva; "You too, if it's not to your liking, then don't push yourself to eat it . "

Eva smiled to Ethan for being thoughtful . "Thank you!"

That's all Ethan needed to hear, and he's already in heaven with eyes shining brightly like star illuminating the sky .

Grandfather Go was watching how Ethan was interacting with the children and Eva; he felt joy inside of him . He was thinking back when he was young, how he used to cater to Grandmother Tan just like what's Ethan's doing now with Eva Wen,

Grandfather Go felt terrible when he saw the two boys were not eating at all . He motioned to the Butler to come .

Once the Butler was within earshot, he told him to tell the cook to prepare something else that the children would love to eat .

When Bentong and Don-Don heard what grandfather Go ordered to the Butler, their eyes lit up like a light bulb .

In unison, they announced for everyone to hear . "Thank you! Grandpa . " Then give's grandfather Go a full smile showing teeth .

The dinner went smoothly; they continued the celebration into the parlor .


A couple of hours later, the boys both asleep on the sofa next to Granpa Go . It was a beautiful sight to see; grandfather Go caressing Bentongs while his busy chit-chat-ing with grandma Tan .

Everyone else decided to play a little poker . The promoter was Ethan, and everyone agreed .

While they were playing poker, Ethan bought out the subject to Jeff . He wanted to build a foundation called [Cleaning the street] To be funded by Mega World Intl . Group of Company .

"Tell us your Idea, If it's any good I could help you promote it through my concert," Sophia asked .

"I want to help orphans that currently out in the street . I'm planning to build a home for them, give them free education, etc . . . etc . . " Ethan proudly announced for everyone to hear . Including his grandfather and grandmother Tan .

Jeff & Ann were listening and seriously considering Ethan's proposal,