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Chapter 201
Ethan idea of creating a home for orphan and homeless children of the street was a good idea . Jeff and Ann like it a lot and interested along with Sophia and Albert who's willing to make donations .

"Why don't you prepare a proper proposal and I'll look into it in more detail and see how to go about implementing your idea," Jeff informs Ethan seriously .

When Eva heard what Jeff had said, she was excited . Happiness was visible in her face . Providing shelter and a brighter future for the orphan and abandoned children has been her dream;

Unfortunately, she doesn't have the resources and means to do it . But now with Ethan and the backing of the most influential figures in Asia, it could happen .

Eva excitedly asked Ethan, " If you needed any help with your proposal, I have all the time in the world . Please, let me help you alright!" Gives Ethan the most adorable smile she can procure .

Awe transformed Ethan's face "Of course! This project would be our baby, you and I would be the one running it . Hahaha!" Now that's settled, how about we play some serious poker, I need some spending money for my family . He banters to everyone, but mostly to Jeff .

The way Ethan had said it made Eva's face turned scarlet red, but she didn't correct him . She likes the sound of it, a family . 'We are family!' She told herself secretly overjoyed .

Albert thought to tease the new couple . "Are you sure you can afford to lose? What are you going to feed your family once I take all your money?"

Ethan looks at his grandfather first then set his eyes on Jeff before replying . "The bank is right in front of me and also not too far away; I'm sure my credit is excellent . " He pointed his pouted mouth towards his brother . Then he started laughing hard . "Hahaha!"

"Yah right! Bank my ass, like you would need a loan . Just asked him and he would hand it to you in a platter . " Jeff said with a raised eyebrow, then his mouth curved into a smile while his eyes look towards grandfather Go .

The guys banter with each other then a burst of loud laughter was heard from everyone .

The night went by pretty quick, Sophia did not have a chance to speak with Eva . However, they agreed to have a girls day out the next day along with Ann and Lea .

Grandfather Go and Grandmother Tan were seriously speaking with each other . From the look on their faces, it seems they are having a problem coming to terms .

They were on the verge of an argument about the wedding venue when Bentong suddenly started mumbling something . Grandpa Go and Grandma Tan suddenly stopped the conversation to listen and comfort the little boy .

Bentong was dreaming about food, and he was mumbling where everyone can hear him loud and clear .

"Hahaha!" Everyone laughs hard after hearing .

'It's how a family should be, full of laughter . ' Grandfather thought to himself . He had a secret smile to his face while small tears sneaked out of his old eyes .

The night went by quick; it was time to leave already . Grandpa Go was sad that they are all going and he's going to be alone in his big mansion once again .

A thought suddenly occurred to him . He pulled Ethan aside and whispered for only he can hear . Ethan just nodded with a serious look on his face, after what seems to be an eternity . Ethan and Eva were ushered out of the mansion without the boys .

Grandfather asked Ethan to leave the boys with him to keep him company while they were busy with the project . His excuse was, Ethan needed time to be alone with Eva to progress in his courting .

He agreed in a heartbeat, forgetting to asks Eva if she decides to be alone with him .

"Ethan, where are the boys? " Eva asked innocently with a curious look on her eyes while she's waiting for his reply .

Ethan acted dumb and played cluelessly . "Oh! Grandfather said it's too late to wake them up at this hour and to let them stay a day or two to keep him company . Is that alright with you?"

Eva wasn't born yesterday; she knows what the grandfather and grandson duo was thinking and planning . And she aims to play along and have fun in the process .

"Grandfather Go knows the best for the children more than we do, so let just go 'home'then," Eva emphasize the home word clearly for Ethan to get the Idea of what she's thinking .

Ethan was quick to open the door for Eva and helped her buckled up . He then rushed to the driver side full of excitements .

He can't wait to get home where they would be alone . "Hahaha!" His laughter was echoing as they drove away .

Ethan and Eva arrived home in a heartbeat; he was so nervous that he was speeding all the way home . All kinds of thought were on his mind, mostly were perverted one and it left him grinning from ear to ear .

However, Eva was very quick to bid him goodnight, went to the guest room without looking back; Then locked the door as soon as she went it . She was nervous and afraid what would happen if she sticks around to find out .

Ethan did not have much of choice but to also bid Eva Goodnight . He went straight to his room stipped his clothes off to take a very, very cold shower .

The next day, Ethan has a panda bear eyes, same goes to Eva for the sleepless night they spent together .

They were seated eating breakfast when both of them heard a loud bang at the door . Both looked at each other with a question showing on the faces .

Ethan gestures with his two hands-up indicating he doesn't know who could it be? Curiosity was showing on his face .