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Chapter 202
Eva was afraid that it might be her father at the door .

However, Ethan was afraid that it could be a Police looking for Eva, they probably caught his car from the street CCTV footage .

The two looked at each other, uncertain what to do . The only way to find out who could it be was to check .

Ethan got up followed by Eva right behind . They slowly made their way toward the door; anxiety was visible on their faces as they got closer .

*Bang, bang, bang* " Hello! Is someone home?" The person on the other side yelled .

The sound of the voice was a woman, not a man . Ethan and Eva sigh at the same time .

Ethan opened the door to see who it is, " can I help you?" Eyes full of curiosity .

"Good morning, I'm your new housekeeper" The woman informs them .

"I didn't hire a housekeeper, who sent you?" Ethan asked even though he has an idea .

"Mr . Ron from Go residence had called and requested my assistance . " She replied seriously with a straight face not batting an eye .

"I don't want a housekeeper" Ethan was irritated now for intervention and bodyguard .

Eva, on the other hand, was smiling secretly . She knows who sent the lady; it could only be grandfather Go . He's protecting her reputation and Eva appreciates it . She would thank him personally when they pick up the boys back in a couple of days .

"I'm your new housekeeper; I'm all around . I cook, clean, and do laundry as well . " Whether you like it or not .

Ethan didn't have any choice but to accept his fate . "Well! Come in, come in then . Let's get you situated . "

The new housekeeper followed Ethan to the maid's room . " Here is your room, familiarize yourself with everything . If you have a question, you make asks the lady there . " He pointed out where Eva was watching them .

"Yes, sir!" The new housekeeper went on her way and left the young couple standing to look at each other .

When the housekeeper was out of earshot, Ethan finally voiced his opinion to the matter . "Grandpa's Idea, to protect your reputation . I don't like it but who am I to argue .

Eva just smiled not saying a word . What should she say? I don't like it either, It's a bother to have someone at home to babysit us, right! She's not that shameless .

It suddenly turned awkward for the both of them . Ethan had to think of something, or she might go back inside the guest room and lock herself in like last night .

"Do you have any plan today? if you don't' would you like to do something?" Ethan asked with a pleading look on his face .

"I'm sorry! I kind of made an appointment with Ms . Sophia and your sister-in-law today . We are to have a girls day out . "

"Really! Well, if you had made the appointment already, what can I say . " Ethan acting all hurt just because .

"Don't be like that, I only want to get to know them . Girls stuff you know!" Eva, feeling bad abandoning Ethan by himself .

"Why don't you go visit the boys with your grandfather and do some bonding as well . He looks lonely you know!" She advised him to make herself feel a little better .

Ethan whole face lit up with Eva's idea . "Your right, I could go do some bonding with the boys and grandfather . Thanks!"

He gave Eva a light hug, before turning around to make a call to his grandfather .


Couples of hours later, Ethan dropped Eva at Jeff's mansion then went straight to his grandfather mansion .

Ann welcomed Eva like a family . "Come! Come, let's go to the parlor first, while we wait for Lea to come . She's my bestie/manager/assistant . She jack of all trade . " Ann told her while pulling her toward the parlor all excited .

"Eva was speechless and shyly followed Ann . If she had a sister, she would want it to be like Ann . " She thought .

"Eva, how old are you? If you don't mind me asking . " Ann was curiously waiting for her reply .

"I just turned 21 this year," Eva said it in a low voice while looking down on her hand and not to Ann .

"My dear, don't be shy alright! We are about the same age you know that . I'm only a year older than you . The only difference is, I'm already married and going to be a mother of a twin . Hehe!" Ann said proudly, face glowing with a broad smile plastered on her beautiful face .

Eva's face life up when she heard what Ann said . "You are married already? But I saw not long ago that you just got engaged? Maybe I'm behind with the news . "

"It's a long story, and we have all day for me to tell you all of it later . I want to hear your story as well, so be prepared to tell me all of it . " Ann warned her cousin ahead of time .

While the two was engrossed in their conversation, Lea showed up with a big smile on her face . They can hear her coming with her loud voice teasing the butler at the front door .

"Hello! Hello, and who is this? Wow, you're a beauty too, must have the Wen's blood in you!" It was the first word that came out of Lea's mouth in which shocked Eva .

"How do you know that my last name is Wen?" Eva asked wide-eyed

"What! Don't tell me that my guess was right . Are you Ann's cousin? You must be, you have the same features and about the same height too . "

"I had a feeling when I saw you last time at the rescue mission that you're related . I even said it to my boyfriend, and he only laughs at me . He would be shocked when I tell him . " Lea proudly announced to the two .

The color drained out of Eva's face, her eyes flooded with tears .