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Chapter 203
Lea and Ann turned same time and saw Eva crying . Lea thought she had said something wrong and started to apologizing right away .

"I'm sorry, my dear! I didn't mean to hurt your feeling in any way, please! stop crying . You're making me want to cry now too . " Lea tries to lighten the mode at the same time .

Ann grabs Eva's hand then made her face herself so she can comfort Eva at the same time . "What's wrong? Why are you crying? Did we say or do anything wrong? Tell me so that we can correct it . " Ann's face was full of concern and doesn't know what to do .

*Sniff, sniff* Eva still sobbing none stop . "I'm sorry! I'm crying because I'm happy to find out that we are related to each other . "Eva explained in between sobbing .

"Oh! my holly, that's your reason, and here I am about to shoot my self for being a loud mouth . " Lea banters .

"Lea!" Ann scowled at her friend .

"Alright! I'm sorry! I was playing with her to make her smile, like this . . . " Lea with a wide grin on her face showing a full set of white teeth .

Eva and Ann looked at Lea and started laughing .

"Let's get out of here; I'm sure the 'Diva' is anxiously waiting to do some family bonding with your two . " Lea pulled the two from the seating position .


Jeff and Ronald were very busy with the acquisition of Wen Corp . They're in a meeting with the financial team . They need to finalize the whole thing by the end of the day .

His wife wanted the company, and he will get it for her no matter what the cost, which is not much right now based on the financial statement on hand .

The plan was for of all them to fly out to Korea that evening for the Christening of M/V Ann the next day, then to America afterward .

Now that Ann's no longer the Interim CEO, she's free to take off wherever and whenever she wanted too . Jeff loves that idea; she can accompany him to all of his out of town business dealings .

Jeff and Ronald couldn't wait for the meeting to be over . Both of them were present, but not listening to what was said . They were texting each other, phone under the table so no one could see .

Jeff: [ How much longer?]

Ronald: [Bitch me!]

Jeff: [Can't you tell them to hurry up?]

Ronald: [You are the boss, why don't you tell them?]

Jeff: [ You're my assistant and it's your job, do you still want your job?]
Ronald: [ Mean!!! ??? I'm on it . ]

Jeff: [?不?不?不??????]


The trio arrived at the salon where they supposed to meet Sophia . This time Sophia and her entourage already at the location . Sophia doesn't want to repeat what happened a while back .
When Ann, Lea, and Eva arrived, Sophia was seating in the VIP waiting room talking with her manager Edna . When she saw them come in, she motioned to Edna to leave them in private .

Lea was going to follow Edna out of the room when Ann stopped her . "Sister, where are you going? " She emphasizes the word 'Sister' for Sophia to hear . It means she's a family and Lea doesn't need to step out .

Sophia didn't contradict Ann, she smiled at Eva and asked her to sit next to her . Eva shyly complied but doesn't know how to act in front of her second-aunt .

"I'm your Aunt so don't be shy alright!" Sophia was trying to make Eva feel at ease . She needed to befriend her to be able to get as much information she can about the Wen Corporation .

While they were chatting happily, one of the attendants arrived to take them to a very private section of the salon .

The schedule for the girls day out was as follows:

-Full body massage
-Manicure & Pedicure
-Facial, body scrub and full body waxing .
-Complete makeover .

Sophia's shopper had brought all kinds of dresses for them to change into once they finished . The schedule was for a four-hour max of pampering .

While they had their body massage, Sophia was able to get a lot of information from Eva about Wen's family .

Unfortunately, she doesn't involve herself in the business area, so she wasn't able to divulge any information regarding the company .

That was enough for Sophia, to know that they would soon be bankrupt for the way Edward was handling the business .

The next was manicure and pedicure, this time Ann and Eva told each other their story . Ann was shocked to hear that Grandfather Wen went to America to bring her back to Asia to live with them .

Both got up and hugged each other for comfort . Who would have thought that fate would bring them together like this? Sophia and Lea could only watch from the sideline .

They were almost finished with the girls day out when all their phone started buzzing simultaneously .

Jeff had sent an invite to everyone in the family for the Christening of M/V Ann in Korea . Albert, Ethan, and Ronald were calling to inform them about the invite .

Jeff was calling to inform his wife of what he did, not knowing the other guys were faster than him .


Some hours later the Mega World Intl . Group of Co . Private Jet landed at Gimhae International Airport without delay . People at the airport was awestruck when the group came out of the VIP passage .

Is not enough that the "Diva" Sophia was one of them, the rest were like God and Goddess, who descended to earth .

First to walk out was Grandpa Go and Grandma Tan . Next was Sophia and Albert Tan, followed by Ethan, Eva, Lea & Ronald . The last one to come out was Jeff and Ann holding each other's hand for everyone to see .

Onlookers couldn't help themselves . Pictures were taken and posted on social media . They were # 1 search with caption: [ALIEN SPECIES LANDED ON EARTH] See Photo .