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Chapter 204
Social media was abuzz with news about an Alien species landing on earth . When masses read the headline, they thought they would see an Alien . The image was not an Alien; they were shocked .

"What is this? These aren't Aliens they are God and Goddess who descended on earth . Hahaha!"

"Let me see . . . " After seeing the images, "Oh! Wow! Who are they? Are they celebrities?"

"I know at least one of two of them are; you see that one there . . . " The person speaking pointed toward Sophia and Ann's picture .

"Those two are Celebrities I know that for sure . The other's are probably friends and family . "

"I'm wondering if they are here to make an international movie or what?"

"Regardless why they are here in Korea, I envy the person that took the picture, I wish I was at the airport too when they arrived . "

Many speculated who they are and what they were doing in Korea . However, the truth was revealed later in the evening news .


The ceremony began as soon as they arrived . The group didn't have much time to spare .

When they saw the name of the new vessel, everyone had a smile on their faces . In a big bold letter "M/V ANN" was written at the side of the big cargo vessel .

Tears started forming in Ann's eyes . She couldn't believe that her husband named the first one built in the batch of the new cargo vessel after her .

Jeff was watching Ann's reaction the whole time . "Merry Christmas" He whispered, eyes full of love .

Ann grabs Jeff's face with her two hands, looks him in his eyes . "Thank you! And I love you!" Gives him the sweetest and deepest kiss she can master .

Everyone cheered when they saw the two being lovey-dovey .

"That's my boy!" Grandpa go yelled for everyone to hear .

Laughter was heard all around the shipyards .

It was time for Jeff and Ann to break the bottle of very expensive alcohol as a sign of Christening and good luck .

"Here you go, everyone!" Jeff yelled out for everyone to hear .

All counted down with Jeff and Ann .

3 . . .

2 . . .

1 . . .

Jeff and Ann hold the bottled together and hit the rail of the new vessel .

*Smashed! Shattered!* [Sound of the bottle breaking . ]

*Clap, clap, clap . * Everyone joined with clapping their hands and cheered .

"Congratulation CEO Go, and Miss Ann . " The Manager of the Shipyard greeted them .

"Thank you!" Jeff and Ann said in unison .

Once the Christening was finished, some picture taking to commemorate . Then it was finished, everyone went down to the deck below to celebrate with the new crew of the vessel .

The Captain of the vessel is one of Sophia's longtime fans . He requested if she can sing a song for them to give them good luck .

Sophia complied with the request to make everyone happy . It was a joyous occasion for everyone .


Evening news:

"We interrupt our regular schedule to bring you a piece of headline news . It's a #1 search in social media, and the captions had many viewers asking a question . " The newscaster announced to the masses .

"CEO Jef Go of Mega World Intl . Group of Company came to Korea today with his family to launch a newly built cargo vessel named M/V Ann . " The newscaster smiles before continuing .

"The newly built cargo vessel was a gift to his soon to be wife Miss Joanna Wen-Tan [aka Ann Wen], and the whole family came today for the Christening . "

" Now all of you know who those people are; they are not Aliens, they are the God and Goddess of Asia . "

The newscaster ends her report with a beautiful smile plastered on her face .


The party was over, and it was time to depart . Sophia and Albert decided to stay for a couple of days in Korea to celebrate the New Year . Grandma Tan and Grandpa Go went back home to spend new years with the two boys .

Ann persuaded Eva into going with them to America for New Years celebration . Once Ethan heard it, he was thrilled and happy to tag along as well .

He wanted to show Eva around Las Vegas where he grew up and plans on introducing her to his mother .

Ronald and Eva plan on staying with her family, while Jeff and Ann would go to New York to watch some Broadway show .


Inside the private jet, Ann decided to stay out with the girls this time . She wanted to spend more time with Eva and Lea since they would be going on their separate ways when they land in America .

The men decided to play some cards, while the girls gossip .

"Lea, you haven't told me the detail of your dinner with the future in-law?" Ann started the conversation with interrogation .

"Well . . . "