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Chapter 205

Eva got up and looked outside the window; she doesn't know what to feel at that moment . Hearing that her father had passed away shocked her, but why is it that instead of feeling remorse, she's now feeling relieved? It's not right for her to feel that way, it's her father for God sake . She should be bawling her eyes out . But why is it that no tears would form in her eyes? She sighed and continued looking at nothing .

Ethan, Ronald, and Lea were unable to come up with any comforting words to say to Eva . They stayed quiet, waiting for Eva to come to terms and decide what to do afterward .

Ann has no idea what's going on in the living room; she was sound asleep in the bedroom, without a care in the world .

What Ann didn't know was, Jeff had ordered the Butler to put some calming scent in the room with a mild sedative to make her sleep, the simple type of sleeping sedative . Jeff doesn't want Ann to be stressed and worried due to their unborn children .

After what seems to be an eternity, Eva finally turned around to face the trio who'd been seating quietly waiting for her . She gives them a half smile before saying, " Let's go! What's done is done . There's no use crying over spilled milk . "

Eva walked ahead of them towards the door spacing out . Ethan was following right behind her, unsure of what to do at a time like this . He hurried to catch up on her, and once they were side by side, he took her hand and walked along together .

When Eva and Ethan reached the first floor and were about to go up, they met with Jeff who's on his way up to the penthouse .

"I'm sorry about your father . Condolences . If there's anything-anything at all - please, don't hesitate to tell us . Alright?" Jeff told Eva with sadness in his eyes .

"Thank you! Brother In-law, I will remember that . " She smiled shyly to Jeff after calling him, Brother-in-law .

"Ethan, do be careful . Your stepdad and his minions are still out there . " He patted Ethan's shoulder and continued towards the open elevator door .


Mr . Wright realizes that if he fights with security, he could get banned from the Casino . Even though he's still intoxicated from all the alcohol he drank while playing poker, he knows when to stop fighting a losing battle .

He was given a VIP room to sober up, and he took advantage of the opportunity to contact his minions .

"Hello! I want you to contact the guys in California and tell them I need them here asap . Also, let me speak with your leader . " He asked his little minions .

"Boss! There's a problem . The leader has not come back yet from last night . Usually, he would be right back after doing what he does, but we have not seen him since we left him at the last place we robbed . " The minions informed Mr . Wright .

"He's probably having fun somewhere else, forget about him . He will show up when he's broke . Take care of what I ordered you to do . " Mr . Wright was about to hang up when he remembered something else .

"By the way, Edward Wen is in town, and he owes me 5 million dollars . If I'm not mistaken, he's staying here at Mega World Hotel and Casino . Take care of him, make sure he pays up or else it will be your head . You hear me!" Mr . Wright yelled at the person he's speaking with over the phone .

"Yes, Boss! I'm on top of it . If there's nothing else, I'm hanging up now so I could call the boys in California . "

"Hmmpt!" Was all Mr . Wright said as he then hung up without another word .

Mr . Wright had no idea that Edward Wen had died already . He had already been taken to his room before anyone found Edward's body .


Ethan and Eva arrived at the morgue, where they took Edward Wen's body . They were greeted by the Mortician as soon as they walked in at the door . " Are you here for the Asian man that was bought in?"

Ethan replied for Eva who's still in a daze . "Yes! We're here to identify the body and make the arrangements . "

"Follow me, please!" The Mortician went toward the row of dead people . He looks at the tag hanging at the feet of the dead people . Once he found what he's looking for, he beckoned to Ethan and Eva to come forward .

The Mortician raised the white blanket that's covering the dead body and showed it to Ethan and Eva . "Is this him?"

Ethan looked and saw Edward Wen's face . At first, he was stunned and unable to reply, he still couldn't believe that he's dead . Ethan just stared for a while without saying anything .

"Yes! It's him . He's my father, Edward Wen . " Eva spoke to the Mortician with sadness on her face .

"Alright then! I'll give you a couple of minutes to bid him goodbye, then come to my office and we'll talk about the arrangements . " The Mortician left them on their own to grieve silently .

Ethan finally found his senses and looked at Eva for reaction . However, Eva just stood there staring at her father's cold face with no emotion emitting from her face .

After what it seems to be an eternity, Eva spoke . "Let's go make the arrangements . There's nothing else needed to be said and done here," Eva said to Ethan, devoid of emotion like she was asking about the weather .

Ethan was unsure what to do . "Eva, it's not right to keep it to yourself, you know . If you want to cry, go ahead alright! I don't want you getting sick on me later . " He tried to make a joke out of his words to ease the tension around them .

"I'm fine . I'm fine! I can't feel anything right now . I don't know why . . . " Was all Eva said, then turned around and started strolling toward the Mortician's office to make the arrangements .

Ethan had no choice but to cover Edward Wen's face and follow Eva .

Eva arranged for Edward's body to be cremated, so she could take it back to Asia where he would rest, and hopefully be in peace .


Ann was awakened by Jeff's light kiss on her forehead . She looks up with eyes squinting to see her husband . She then smiles as sweet as sugar cane before kissing him right back . "Everything finished? Could we go back home now? Oh! I'm hungry . " Were the first words to came out of her mouth .

Jeff only smiles back at her before helping her up from the bed . "Sweetheart, what have you been eating lately? It seems I have sprained my back from helping you up . " Jeff jokingly commented without realizing that it's a taboo subject .

"Hmmp! Don't worry . I will never ask you to help me ever again; I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself in the process . " Ann pushed Jeff's hand out of the way, no longer wanting him to help her up .

"What? What did I do? Sweetheart! I was only joking, you're not heavy at all, and even if you are . . . I wouldn't care if I break my back in the process," said Jeff following Ann toward the bathroom .

Jeff has no idea his digging a deeper hole to bury himself each time he opens his mouth .

"Whatever!" Was all Ann said before going inside the bathroom, slamming and locking the door in Jeff's face .

Jeff was clueless about what he had done to deserve such treatment . He figures it has something to do with Ann being pregnant .

What he didn't know was that Ann got upset because he told her she's fat .

Jeff was thinking of a way to soothe Ann,'what did she say, she's hungry; That's it, I need to make her some food, something that she loves the most . "Dinuguan" and "Balut . "' He then went t look for the Butler .

"I want you to get me a Filipino Chef . If you can't get me one, don't bother coming back . You hear me!"

The Butler left right away after hearing Jeff's order and threat, thinking the whole way . 'I wonder why it must be a Filipino Chef? What's so special about a Filipino Chef?