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Chapter 206
The Butler did his best to acquire a Filipino Chef, after screening her background to make sure she's clear of any suspicion, she was taken into the Penthouse to meet with the Big boss . Finally, he found out why must it be a Filipino Chef and no others would do .

Jeff was in a small study room doing some work when the Butler and the Chef arrived . The Butler told the Chef to wait while he goes in and see if the boss was available . He slightly knocks at the door and waited for Jeff to reply before entering . "Sir, the Filipina Chef, is outside, would you like to meet with her?" The butler asked while standing in front of Jeff unmoving waiting for an order .

"Yes! go ahead!" Replied to the Butler without taking his eyes off the document in front of him .

Couple of minutes later a middle age woman stand in front of Jeff waiting to be acknowledged . She stands stiffly like in a military formation while waiting .

"Um-huh!" The Chef cleared her throat trying to get Jeff's attention . "Excuse me! Sir, I'm the Filipina Chef you had asked from the Butler to bring over . "

Jeff looks up from the document he's reading and gives his full attention to the Chef before saying anything . "Do you know how to cook 'Dinuguan' a tasty one?" He asked straight face .

"Sir? Yes, sir! As a matter of facts, it's one of my favorite dishes; I could proudly say my Dinuguan is one of the best . "

"Good, go with the Butler, and he would show you around . I want it asap, my wife is pregnant, and that's what she's been craving to eat . Oh! one more thing, she also likes Balut, gets a couple of dozens for everyone to share . " After giving his order, he went back to what he was doing .

The Chef took it as being dismissed and went to look for the Butler for more instructions .


Ann finished taking a shower and feels revived and fresh afterward . She thought about what Jeff had jokingly said earlier and grinned after realizing she acted childishly once again . Ann kept on forgetting that when it comes to EQ, her husband had a minimal supply . She just hoped that their children would take after her more than their Father, at least her EQ could be considered above average .

After she got dressed and put on light makeup, she heads out to the living room to see what everyone was doing . As soon as she got out of the bedroom, she smells something heavenly .

The aroma was so familiar, the smell is like Dinuguan, but how could that be? Her steps become faster as she follows the enticing aroma towards the kitchen .

The Butler was standing guard by the door as the Chef works her way in the kitchen cooking . He wanted to leave; he couldn't stand the smells that were emitting from what she's cooking, whatever that might be .

The sight that Ann saw when she arrived at the kitchen was laughable; the Chef was busy cooking while the Butler was giving her the killer look while holding a handkerchief on his nose to block the smell .

"Hello, everyone!" Ann greeted them as she walks towards the stoves where a pot was set and boiling . She lifted the lid to check what's cooking and to verify that it is Dinuguan, sure enough, it is .

"Kumusta po! She greeted the Chef a sweet smile plastered on her face .

"Hello, Mam! Kumusta din po!" The Chef replied in their native language .

The Butler just stood there listening; he took out his cell phone and Google translate the word . 'Oh, that's what it is . 'How are you? and How are you as well?' That's neat; I'm learning the basic greeting in Tagalog . ' He thought while grinning .

Ann was so happy to see that Jeff had taken the initiative to bring a Filipino Chef to cook for her . 'Ahhh! He so sweet . . . ' She was very touched with Jeff's gesture .

Ann started rubbing her still flat belly and started talking to her unborn babies . "See how thoughtful daddy is, he knows how much you two love Dinuguan . He even found a Filipino Chef to cook for us; you two are the luckiest babies in this world . '


"Whoa! What's this? A Filipina Chef in your kitchen, special . . . What's this?" Lea lifts the lid as well to check what's cooking . "Wow! Dinuguan, my favorite!" She exclaims while smiling happily .

She turned her attention to Ann then asked, "Don't tell me this is what you're craving? If it is, please . . . , please! let me have a bowl first before you start eating alright . " Lea pleaded .

"Excuse me! Why do you get the first bowl? It's being cooked specially for my babies and me here, so why should I let you have the first bowl?" Ann asked curiously .

Lea started laughing 'hahaha!' It's a superstitious belief, to never eat after the pregnant woman or I would fall asleep as soon as I'm done eating . It's like a sleeping pill she explained .

"Whatever, that's your belief, not mine . Therefore, I get to eat first no if and no but and that's final . " Ann then walked out of the kitchen to look for her loving husband to thank him with all her love .

Lea thought about the men and what they're going to eat . She decided to cook some Filipino dishes with the help of the Filipina Chef . Might as well take advantage of the Chef's ability and asked her to make them special Filipino food for dinner .

Lea went closer to the Filipina Chef . "Excuse me! I know you were asked here to cook this,' Pointing at the pot that's cooking the dinuguan . "But, could you do us a favor? How about cooking some Filipino Dishes for tonight's dinner?" She asked with a Dowey look in her eye .

The Chef looks at her with a pleasant smile before replying . "Yes! Mam, I could do that . Is there any particular food that you want? If you tell me, I could arrange for the ingredients to be sent up from the restaurant below .

"Sure! Sure, that's easy enough . We should have, Chicken Apritada, Menudo, Pork Adobo, Fried Galungong, and Shrimp Sinigang . Ooooh! Lots and lots of Jasmine Rice . Can you cook all that?"

The Filipina Chef smiled and returned to her question . That's nothing; she could cook that with her eyes closed . "Yes, Mam! That would be fine; I would have all prepared by dinner time . "

Lea was about to walk out the kitchen door when she remembers that she has nothing to do and Ronald was busy with business matters . She turned around and went back to speak to the Chef .

"Excuse, me! Can I help you cook?" She asked pleadingly, she has no one to talk too and she also wanted to learn from the Filipina Chef .

The Filipina Chef looks at the Butler who's still standing guard at the door . When she saw him nodded with agreement, she looked at Lea straight in her eyes . "If you're going to help, it means I'm the teacher and your the student right? If that's ok with you taking orders from me, then I'm fine with you helping with the cooking . "

"Ye-hey!" Lea hugs the Filipina Chef then started jumping up and down to celebrate . "Thank you!"

The Butler was curious as well; he wanted to learn how to cook the food that they mentioned . If he could score some browny point for learning how to cook Filipino Dishes, why not .

The Butler made arrangements for all the ingredients they would need, he's excited and looking forward to learning how to cook that food . For future reference, he can be valuable to the Big Boss and Boss Lady whenever they come to town . 'Job security' He thought smiling to himself .