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Chapter 207

Jeff was busy reading documents when Ann arrived at the small office; he was busy working with what he's doing that he did not realize his wife had visited .

Ann tip-toed behind Jeff and gives him a back hug . "What are you doing!" She sneaks behind him and gives him a sounding kiss on his neck .

Jeff was surprised, he dropped what he's doing and turned around . Grabs Ann and put her into his lap and nuzzled in between her cleavage . "Hmmm, I'm so tired of reading, do you want to take over?" He mumbles, while still resting his head in between Ann's two mountain .

"Take over what? If there's something, I can do to help, why not . I'm bored anyway, doing nothing but getting FAT!" She jokingly told him while smiling secretly .

Jeff tilted his head facing his wife, he puckered his lips pointing towards Ann, then looked at her begging for a kiss .

"Hahaha, you're so cute you know that? You think I would kiss you after you called me fat, better think again, beg me?"

"Lips still puckered up, hmmm, uh-uh, I want a kiss, please!" Jeff pleaded with a sorrowful look on his face .

"Oh! I could give you a little since you did a good deed today . " Ann lowered her lips and kissed him sweetly .

"Satisfied? By the way, thank you for bringing a Filipina Chef to cook for us . I'm so looking forward to our dinner tonight . Hehe!"

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"It's nothing, for you and our babies there's nothing I wouldn't do, you know that . " Jeff's slowly caressing Ann's flat stomach . He leans toward Ann's belly and listens to the babies heartbeat .

After hearing the heartbeat, he started talking to the babies . "How're my boys in there? Listen to daddy, don't give mommy a hard time alright! Be good until the day you come and meet with us . "

Ann give him a light smack on his shoulder, "What did you just said? Boys, how can you be so sure ha? Is not that I don't want two boys, but I'm hoping that we could have both . Sighs!"

"Hahaha! I'm only hoping alright! Don't beat me up just because I want to have boys to build a baseball or soccer team . Hahaha!" Jeff playfully told Ann .

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The two stayed like that for a while, Ann seating on Jeff's lap while nuzzled into her bosom . While Ann picked up the document that Jeff was reading to see if there's something she could help him .

Ann thought of something while she was reading the documents on her hand . "Honey, what do you think of me helping you at the office? Since my career is currently on hold and I'm not the Interim CEO of Tan Corporation any longer, I'm going to be bored to death until the babies decided to meet us . " She made sure that Jeff wouldn't be able to deny her request by playing with his hair as she was asking .

Jeff doesn't even need to think about the answer; he's more than happy to have her by his side day and night . If she wanted to work with him side by side, it's terrific . "Whatever you want sweetheart! You can work with me, or you can run the company, and I will work with you, doesn't matter to me . You are more than capable of doing the Job as CEO; it's a proven fact . "

"Oh! You're so sweet; you didn't have to butter me up, I know my capability alright! Not even close to yours . Hahaha!" Ann was so delighted that Jeff has confidence in her and she loves him more for that . He never once made her feel inferior to him in any way .

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"So, it's all set then; I'm going to be working with you when we go back alright? Don't you dare renege on me or else . " She motioned with her fist raised, threatening him .

"I wouldn't dare-I wouldn't dare at all . " Jeff hugs her tightly ad playfully while kissing her all over .


In the meantime in the kitchen, the trio was having fun . Lea and the butler were both enthusiastic and having fun learning how to cook . While the Filipina Chef was gladly teaching them all her specialties .

Lea and The Butler each have their agenda for learning . However, either way, it's both for job security .