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Published at 13th of August 2019 10:51:37 PM

Chapter 208
The Chef was having a ball ordering Lea and the Butler around . She had the Butler cleaned the vegetables while she had Lea cuts the meat and other ingredients . She was thorough as she was explaining everything to the two and making sure that they follow through . The two worked diligently without complaining, as a matter of fact, both were very submissive it's unbelievable .

The atmosphere in the kitchen was harmonious; there's no anonymity whatsoever . The Chef, Mr . Butler, and Lea were having so much fun that they didn't realize that Jeff and Ann were standing at the door of the kitchen watching them Ann with a grin plastered on her face .

Jeff and Ann smelled the finger leaking smell of the food they were cooking all the way into the little office . The delicious aroma of the pork adobo was too much for Jeff to handle he must have a taste at least .

He took the document out of Ann's hand and put it down . Ann was startled, "Hey! I'm not finished reading yet!" She snarled at her husband .

"Come on; sweetheart lets see what is that delicious aroma I'm smelling, it's making my stomach growl . Listen . . . " Jeff said it in jokingly .

"Hahaha! Oh, you smelled it too? I was trying to play ignorant, even though I'm in the same boat . Listen . . . 'growl!' You see!" Both of them started laughing when they heard Ann stomach growling from hunger .

"Wow! that was loud! Let's go, and see if we can taste some before dinner . " Ann got up from where she was seating at Jeff's lap, slowly stretched her arms and body before heading to the kitchen with Jeff alongside .

When they arrived at the kitchen the sight they saw was heartwarming, they decided to watch them from the door and not announce their presence .

However, curiosity hit Ann, once she had enough she decided to join the fun instead of being spectators .

She pulled Jeff's hand and dragged him toward the trio . "Can we join you guys, it seems she's teaching you two how to cook right?" She looks at the trio for confirmation with an earnest look on her face .

"Sure! Why not, the more, the merrier right?" Lea asked for confirmation from the Chef .

The Chef just smiled shyly and nodded with agreement, who is she to say no . It's a privilege for her to teach the Lady Boss and the Big Boss . "Please! Join us, if you don't mind . She said it barely audible

Ann turned her attention to the Butler . " Do you have an extra apron for us?" She asked smiling .

"Yes, Mam! Let me get it for you; it would only be a moment . " The butler cleaned his hand and rushed to the storage linen area to get two aprons for the two bosses .

When the butler came back, he hands both of the aprons to Ann, afraid that if he gives one to Jeff, he might get scolded for being forward .

Ann put one on and give the other one to Jeff, he accepted it without complaint . "We are ready, what should we do?"

The Chef wasn't sure how to answer, she looks around to see if there's anything she could assign for them to do, but they were all having fun preparing that they finished it all without realizing .

"How about you both help me do the cooking, all the ingredients were prepared and ready . All we have left is to continue with cooking the rest of the dishes .

"That's fine, what do you want us to do first?" Ann asked enthusiastically . Ann asked enthusiastically . She pulled Jeff and positioned him in front of the stove, hand him the spatula and waited for instruction from the Chef to start .

Lea and the Butler weren't too happy because that's the best part, the cooking part . However, who are they to complain, if the boss lady wants to learn how to cook, so be it?

With Jeff and Ann's doing the cooking, while the Chef was supervising them, they were able to cook all the dishes without a hitch .

Dishes after dishes was getting done, Jeff was feeling tired and ready to give up . However, when he saw Ann having so much fun he decided to stick it out until the finish line .

Finally, all the food was cooked and ready; the butler called the maid that was assigned to the penthouse to set up the dining table . All the food was laid on the top of the dining table; the whole table was filled to the limit . It was a spread fit for a king, Jeff's mouth was salivating the entire time he's cooking, and he wants to start eating already .

Unfortunately, they still need to wait for Ethan, Eva, and Ronald and that made him upset .

"Ah!!! This is too much, you had made me do all the cooking, but you wouldn't let me eat . It's not fair . " Jeff complained to his wife .

Everyone was stunned and speechless, Jess throwing a tantrum because he can't eat yet .

Ann grabs a small plate and filled it with a bite of this and that, she then hands it over to Jeff . "Here, you can have a taste, but that's all your getting until dinner you got it!"

Jeff took the plate with a wide grin on his face . He gives his wife a responding kiss and hugs before seating down eating with gusto .

The Chef, Lea and the Butler all have their mouth opened with a wide eye, they couldn't believe what's happening . Jeff's enjoying every morsel and didn't even offer his wife any .

" Hahaha! "


" Hahaha"

Laughter was heard coming from the kitchen when Ronald came into the penthouse . He rushed to see what's happening, he was in time to see Jeff eating with gusto and licking the fork afterward .

Jeff was not satisfied with just a taste, he decides to exercise his authority . " I'm hungry now, forget waiting for them, let's eat!" He ushered his wife to a chair with a stern look on his face without butting an eye . He sat back down afterward then ordered the maid . "Serve the food!"