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Chapter 209
The Butler hurried up and ordered the maids to serve the food . "Hurry, start serving or we might all get fired . " He whispered to the maids .

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That's all the maids needed to here, 'fired' this is the man who holds the highest position in the whole building . In a flick of his finger, each and everyone one of them could be out of the door .

Ann pinched Jeff's leg; she didn't like that he's scaring the people up to the point of running around like a chicken without a head .

"Ouch! What did I do?" Jeff whispered to his wife who's giving him a dirty look without being visible to the people around them . "You know what you did and don't play coy with me; I'm not buying it . " She scolded him for being arrogant and bossy .

Jeff realizes what he did and changed tactic to get some browny point from his wife, "Lea, Ronald what are you both waiting for, why don't you two sit down so we can all enjoy all this delicious food . " He sounds so inviting, and not a bit of arrogant at all; he then completed it with a smile plastered on his face .

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That's all was Lea's waiting for, an invitation to sit down and eat with them . She hurried up and sat down without waiting for Ronald to pull a chair for her . "Oh! My heaven, I thought you two would eat it all . "

Lea didn't stop there; she continued without realizing that she just went overboard . "Thank you! Your Highness for sharing this bounty to a lowly servant . " Lea then started filling her place with one of everything .

Ann kicked her friend under the table to get her attention . Lea looked at Ann and Jeff's direction and realized what she just said . "Oh! My bad, It was just a joke I didn't mean anything by it, please forgive me, your Highness!"

"Lea!!!" Ann and Ronald said it in unison, glaring at Lea at the same time .

"What! What did I do? " Lea was as clueless as it can get, she never thought that each time she calls Jeff your Highness, his eyebrow knitted and had given her a dirty look .

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"Forget it, sweetheart, I know she didn't mean anything by it, and I don't care . " Jeff made sure Ann knows he wasn't bothered at all . Which is the truth, he's already used to Lea's attitude and the way she speaks around him .

Ronald on the other and did not appreciates the way Lea spoke to Jeff in a jokingly matter and being disrespectful . Jeff and Ann are their superior, even though they are friends outside of work . However, he's not going to correct Lea in front of the help . Let them see that their relationship was more than employer and employee .

Just as they were about to start to dig in, Eva and Ethan arrived as well . Eva with a somber look on her face, unable to hide it from her cousin .

As soon as she saw Ann, all the pent up emotion that she's been holding just burst . Tears started flowing on her face without making a sound .

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Ann hurriedly got up and embraced her cousin . "What's wrong? What happened to make you this upset? Did Ethan done something to you?" Ann turned to give Ethan a dirty look .

Eva started crying in Ann's embrace . "No, is not Ethan . He didn't do anything to me it's my father, he's gone . " Eva told Ann in between crying .

Ann had no idea what Eva meant by Edward is gone; however, she should rejoice not crying like he died or something .

Recognition dawn to Ann, "wait, when you said Uncle Edward was gone, you mean . . . Oh! I'm sorry sweetie, I didn't know . "

"Come, sit down first and tell me how it happened . " Ann couldn't believe what she just heard; she needed to know the full detail to understand what's going on .

"Sweetheart, why don't we eat first and I will tell you everything later, alright!" Jeff intervenes, everyone was quiet and unable to say a word of comfort .

Once they heard what Jeff said, they all followed and said the same thing . Eva finally stopped crying and wiped all the tears off her face then gave everyone a half smile to ease the tension around the table .

"Wow! I needed that, thank you! cuz, I don't know what I would do right now if I had not met you . " She hugs Ann back then sat down next to Ethan .

"Alright! Let's forget about it, for now . Let's eat, I'm starving, and I know our twins are hungry too . " Jeff announced for everyone to hear including the Chef, Butler and the Maids .

The Chef, Butler, and Maids all congratulated the couple . Eva who didn't know about the twins got up and praised her cousin and Jeff, all sadness was forgotten .