Published at 13th of November 2018 10:01:24 PM

Chapter 21

Jeff hurriedly catching-up with Ann, scratching his head like a teenager . "What now?" He thought .

Ann sat down at the sofa waiting for Jeff to do the same . Jeff did not sit down and instead went to the small bar in the room, "what would like? Wine or cocktail?" he asks . "Just club soda please if you have it . " Jeff made himself a glass of Martiny and poured club soda for Ann then sat down next to her on the sofa . He was nervous and excited at the same time, his so excited that he spilled some of the club soda to Ann's dress when he was handing her the drink . " I'm sorry! . . . sorry! Let's clean you up, I have a shirt you can put on temporarily, and we can send your dress to for a wash" (good move Jeff)

" it's alright! I won't be staying that long anyway; I can do it at home, no big deal" Ann told Jeff .

" This won't do, I need to think of a way . " Jeff thought . . . . . , ( Ann . . . . . )-( Jeff . . . . ) Both said their name at the same time . "You first!" . " No, you first!" again . . . Finally, Jeff spoke first . "About before . . . " Ann interrupted him before he could finish his sentence .

"About what happened before, please! think of it that it never happened . Sure when you left, I was upset at first, but that was just due to the shocked of waking up and finding you gone .

What happened was Jeff was going to say something but Ann interrupted him again . "Let me finished first ok!" . Jeff nodded, and Ann continued . "As I was speaking . . . we should let bygones be bygone, what happened between us was just accidents, we're in a place in a right time, same with me . I needed a fake husband and you . . . . . I don't know . . . . . ? We slept together (with my consent), and on the next day, we went our separate ways . Did I forget anything? . . . Ann's voice is starting to crack and getting lower and lower .

Jeff feels like a jerk; he deserves to be called Jerk! With a capital J," he wants to console her right now, hug her and tell her it was no accident it was faith . Afraid she will bolt and leave if he comes near her power now . He let her continued and waited until she finished before he said anything .

" So! Your telling me right now that it did not bother you one bit, that I took your virginity (you took mine too you know) then leave just like that leaving only notes? You were fine with that?" Jeff asked her furiously . It's the first for me! any other girl would have been . . "

" But, I'm not any other girl!" Ann said madly . "What happened is in the past, can't we get on with our lives? you go your way; I go mine . "

"What about if I don't want too!" Jeff scream back to Ann " What if I want to take responsibility for what happened! What if I say I want to stay married with you for the rest of our lives! What if I say I fell in love with you the first time I meet you! will you . . . . accept me?" Then Jeff kneels and full out a ring and ask her one more time "WILL YOU BE MY WIFE FOR REAL?????"