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Published at 13th of August 2019 10:51:35 PM

Chapter 210

Once Eva heard and found out the Ann's pregnant and having twins, she was elated . Her face brightened with the thought of the upcoming nieces, nephews or both niece and nephew .

"Cuz, can I ask you a favor, please!" Eva asked enthusiastically .

"Sure! What is it, as long as I can grant it, why not . "

"It's nothing hard; I'm sure you would appreciate it in the future . Hehe! All I want is to be the Godmother of either one of the twins, that's all . "

"Me too! Me too, remember we promised when were still in high school . " Lea butt-in and proudly announced for everyone to hear that they were a friend since high school .

Ronald is about has it, Lea seems to be jealous of Eva's relationship with Ann, and she's doing everything in her power to make sure Eva knows . However, he does not agree with the way Lea was acting .

"Eva, you know . . . " Lea didn't get to finish what she's about to say, because Ronald suddenly got up and excused himself then grabs Lea's arm, "Lea could we talk for a minute?"

"Wait! I'm not finished eating yet, also as I was saying . . . "

"Lea!!! Please! it's enough; it's imperative that we speak . " Ronald said it a little angrily which shocked Jeff and Ethan .

Ann looked up to Ronald and saw his face turning red, from what she can see, her best friend is in trouble now . "Lea, we can chat later ok! Why don't you go first, and listen to what Ronald has to say alright!"

Lea finally got the gits, she realizes what she was doing was wrong, and everyone knows . She suddenly felt embarrassed and doesn't know what to do .

"It's alright! If you're worried I'm going to eat all the food, don't worry I'll save you some like I always do since we were a kid alright!" Ann made sure that everyone knows that they go way back to give Lea a face .

Lea got up and excused herself; she then followed Ronald obediently . They went to their room to talk in private, from the way Ronald acted, they knew his very upset and that's not good, not good at all . Everyone knew, but no one dare speak about it .

Jeff and Ethan acted like they don't know what's going on and continued eating with gusto . Ann and Eva tried to eat the delicious food in front of them, but they only had a couple of bites and couldn't eat anymore .

After dinner, the brother went to the small office to give the cousin a chance to talk to each other privately .

Eva told Ann everything that had happened and how her father passed away . She continued and said about her about her childhood . How her father mistreated her and without their grandpa Wen who was the only one that cared and loved her, she doesn't know what would have happened to her .

Once Eva finished recollecting, not a dry spot on both their faces . The two cousins embrace each other to comfort one another of their misfortune to be born in Wen family .

It's what the brothers saw when they came out of the small office . Both their women hugging each other and crying their eyes out .

Jeff was the first to make noise to let the women that they had arrived . "What's going on? If I knew that you two would be in this state after leaving you two to have a private conversation, I would not have left at all . " He sounded a little upset .

Ethan rushed to Eva's side and coaxed her to go to the balcony and look outside the city . "Come! let me show you the whole city at night; it's beautiful . " He invited Eva enthusiastically, hoping she would get the hint . His older brother doesn't look like he's happy .

Jeff sat down next to his wife and started wiping the tears on her face . "Sweetheart, please! don't let yourself get too emotionally upset alright . Think of our twins, please! You know that whatever you feel is what the babies feel as well . I'm only worried about your health . "

Ann stopped crying and put a smile on her face to show her worried husband that she's not upset . "See! I'm smiling, so the twins are smiling as well right?" She tried to make a light joke to ease the worried looks her husband has on his face .

Jeff thought of something if everything works out they could go back to the comfort of their home away from all the stress and danger .

"Come, let's go to our bedroom so you could rest while I make a phone call . "

He helped her stand up, and once she's up, he lifted her and carried her like a princess to their bedroom .