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Chapter 211
Once they reach the haven of their bedroom, Jeff laid Ann gently unto the bed and tucked her in . You and our twins rest first alright; I'm going to work on something so we could go home soon . "

Ann remembers her bodyguard that was apprehended during the incident at the Villa where they stayed before . "Honey! I forgot to ask you about the bodyguard that was taken by the police, where is he now?" She asked with concern in her eyes .

"He's fine, our legal team took care of him and made sure he did not spend a night in jail . It was purely self-defense, and also the man who died was one of Mr . Wrights member . " -- Jeff got up and prepare to leave, -- "don't worry about it alright, he's downstairs guarding your door . "

Ann felt much better after hearing that her bodyguard was downstairs guarding her door . She blew a kiss to her husband and found a comfortable position then closed her eyes to rest .


"I want a meeting tonight, set it up at one of the conference room, make sure to clear the area and no one to disturb us . Security must be tight, don't let any of his cronies come along you understand . " Jeff was giving an instruction to Ethan about meeting with Mr . Wright .

While we're having this meeting, take care of his business and home . I want all of his assets to turn over to us before he goes to jail .

Jeff is going to collect the money Mr . Wright owes him, it's a Billion dollars, and he knows he does not have that kind of amount to pay . Based on his declaration of income his net worth was only around 40 million, not even half of what he owes him .

Ethan left to do the tasked Jeff had given him . On the way out, he stopped by at Eva's room to say goodbye . *Knock, knock* "Eva it's Ethan!"

Eva heard Ethan's knocking and hurriedly opened the door . "Hi! You need something?" --her face glowing --" you want to come in for a minute?" She invited him shyly .

Ethan would love to come in, not for a minute but for overnight . "It's alright; I only want to say goodnight . I have things to do and probably see you tomorrow, so . . . --" kissed her lightly on her lips then turn and left as fast as he can without looking to see Eva's reaction .

Eva's face had turned all scarlet red from the light kissed . They are now progressing slowly in the right direction, and she's happy with it . She slowly closed the door and went back to what she was doing while spacing out .


Meanwhile, Ronald and Lea had a confrontation in their room . Ronald was upset and unable to control his emotion that's currently boiling . "I don't know what's wrong with you! You're too much; I understand your relationship with Lady Boss goes beyond employee and employer .

However, Eva and Lady Boss are blood-related, cousin . You cannot surpass that, she might treat you more like a sister than an employee or a friend, but there's a limit to that relationship . You cannot cross their boundary alright!" Ronald was out of breath after emptying all his pent up emotion .

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Lea knows she's wrong in every way . Possessiveness got the better of her, and she ends up looking like a clown in front of everyone . The worst part was Ronald now unsettled to the fact .

She stayed quiet and did not respond a word back to Ronald .

Once Ronald calms down, he felt terrible and sat down next to Lea to comfort her . "I'm sorry, babe! I'm only concern that you're overstepping your boundary and might end up getting hurt in return .

Lea didn't say a word, she embraced Ronald and started crying, feeling sorry for herself . "Shss, stop crying, I'm sure Big Boss, Lady Boss understand alright!" Ronald was trying to persuade her to stop crying .

After a while, Lea finally stops crying and remembers all the delicious food . "I'm still hungry, let's go clean out the refrigerator . " She happily invites Ronald .

Ronald was about to refuse, but his stomach started to growl, and Lea heard it . She grabbed Ronald's hand and pulled him to accompany her into the kitchen .

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When they arrived into the dining room, all the food was still spread out on the table with covers . The Butler heard what Ann said about saving food for Lea, and decided to take it upon himself to keep the spread of food on the table until everyone goes to sleep .

The Butler was in the kitchen speaking with the Chef and the Maids when Lea and Ronald arrived . "Mr . Butler, I'm sorry to bother you but, we didn't get to finish eating yet, can we have a setting, please!" Lea cheerfully asked with a big wide grin pasted on her face .

The Butler was more than happy to comply; he wanted to score some brownie points to the second in command . [Job security]

The Maids follows the Butler and arrange two settings at the table . They diligently served the two second in command .

Ronald and Lea felt embarrassed to be served by their peers, "Mr . Butler, Chef, and you two"-pointing at the two maids,-"why don't you all joined us and enjoyed this delicious food . Bosses have all finished already and will not be eating again . " Ronald invited them with authority .

When everyone heard the invitation, they did not think twice at all, they all grabbed their plate and sat down to start digging in .

Someone was about to take a scoop of the Dinuguan when Lea put her hand on the top of the lid . "Nope, this is off limit . You can eat the whole penthouse, but don't you even think about touching this one . " She informs the maid protectively of the Dinuguan .

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Everyone saw how Lea reacted and understood . The Dinuguan is off limit, that's for the Lady Boss, loud and clear .

All five of them enjoyed all the Filipino dishes that was spread in front of them — happily chatting among themselves while eating .

There was one big mistake; they did not think about the Big Boss who's currently standing at the door watching them all eat all his delicious food .

"Hrmph! Hrmph! Excuse me, who gave you all the permission to eat my delicious food?" Jeff standing at the dining room doorway with a stern look on his face, waiting for someone to reply .

Ronald was about to put rice and pork adobo in his mouth, had to stop halfway through when he heard Jeff's voice . "Oh, shit!" He thought to himself .

The Butler, Chef and the two maids got up simultaneously and stood still speechless .

The only one who continued on eating was Lea, she heard Jeff alright, but she would not stop eating just because he asked a question .

Instead, she replied to Jeff's question in between putting food in her mouth . "Do you want to join us?" She asked nonchalantly .