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Chapter 212

Ronald was finally able to put the rice and pork adobo into his mouth and started chewing when he heard Lea invited Jeff to eat . " Do you want to join us?" Was the exact word came out of Lea's mouth . Ronald spit half of the food that was inside his mouth . -"a cough, cough, cough,- phew!"-half of the food went flying to Lea's face .

Ronald rushed to clean up Lea's face with all the rice and some pork adobo sticking on her face from where he spit out accidentally . "I'm sorry, so' sorry! I didn't mean too; it was an accident . "

Lea wiped away some of the food on her face, without a care in the world . After clearing the rice and pork adobo sticking from her face, she turned and looked at Jeff and asked once again . "So' are you going to join us or not, if not then don't cry when it's all gone . " She then continued eating and doesn't care that Jeff was standing at the doorway .

The Butler, Chef and the two maids were still standing still unable to sit back down to continue eating like Lea . The Butler still has the fork with a piece of meat sticking out on his hand, unable to let go . The Chef was standing with a mouth full of food and continued chewing as discreet as she can, while the two maids were rising scared half to death for being caught .

Jeff surveyed the surrounding area where the dinuguan was and found that it was still there . He breathes a sigh of relief before replying .

"No, thank you! I'm full already, you all go ahead and continue eating . I just came to check on the dinuguan, making sure you don't touch it at all . " He said it a little sternly for everyone to hear as a warning .

"The Butler was the first one to get his bearing back and replied to Jeff . "No, Sir! We made sure of that, that's special food for young madam, we wouldn't dare touch it . " He hurried up and took the pot with lid and showed it to Jeff .

"Hmmm, that's good safeguard it with your life or else . " Jeff was acting like the Big Boss he is, and he's scaring the heck out of his employee .

"Carry on then!" He went behind Ronald and smacked him on his back as Ronald was ready to put food in his mouth . "Stop being a pig and share it alright?" Jeff then turned around and left with a grin on his face .

The Butler finally breathe and sat back down . "Sighs!" The Chef did the same thing and so as the two maids . "Sighs! Phew!" In unison and went back to eating happily .


The meeting between Mr . Wright and Jeff were for 7:00 a . m . the next morning .

Ann was sleeping soundly in the crooked of Jeff's arms . He had to be careful not to wake her up . Jeff slowly moved her head and put a pillow under her head .

Once he accomplished the tasked, he got up quietly and got ready for the meeting .

Ronald was already waiting for him in the kitchen when he got out of the bedroom . "Good morning Boss!" He greeted with a big smile on his face .

"Good morning! All set?" Jeff greeted back while inquiring on his way to sit down at the dining table to have breakfast .

Ronald got up from the table and to get the documents to hand to Jeff . "All of his assets are in there, all he needs is to sign, and stamp and it's transferred to World Intl . Group of Company .

Jeff scanned through the documents while eating his breakfast . "Looks good! You did a good job, now all we need it his signature and were all set . We can finally go back home . "

Jeff hurried up and finished his breakfast . "Let's go! time to end this mess .


Precisely 7:00 a . m . Jeff and Ronald arrived at the conference room .

Mr . Wright was already there waiting for them seating comfortably . When he saw Jeff, he put on his wicked smile and greeted them without getting up from where he was seating . "Hello, young man!"

Jeff strode to the head table followed by Ronald . "Good morning to you Mr . Wright! I assume you have my one billion dollars?" Jeff said straight face void of any emotion .

Mr . Wright grins sheepishly before replying . "About that one billion dollars I owe you, I have a proposition to offer in place of the money if your willing to listen . " He proudly announced .

Jeff looks at him without blinking; he waited for him to continue . "Go on, let me hear what's your proposition . "

"How about we become a partner instead . I can give you 50% shares of my company; I have a . . . "- he started pulling out documents to show Jeff .

"Mr . Wright, what your offering me is not acceptable at all . I had already investigated your total assets, and you do not have enough money to cover what you owe me . Therefore, your offer of 50% is not acceptable . "

Jeff motioned to Ronald to hand him the documents . After receiving the reports, he spread it in front of Mr . Wright . "How about this, you signed over all your assets now, and whatever the balance, you can pay when you get the money . "

Mr . Wright got up fuming; he's ready to jump at Jeff . "Look here son! Who are you to ask me to hand over all my assets? There's no way in hell I would sign that documents . Sue me if you want it . " He then turned around and about to leave .

"Mr . Wright, I advice you to come back and signed this documents, either way, all your assets would belong to me one way or the other .

Mr . Wright turned around with a gun on his hand pointed at Jeff . "Do you think so! Over my dead body, then pulled the trigger . " *Bang, bang*