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Chapter 213
The sound of the gunshot was loud, and the bodyguard heard it on the other side of the door . They rush right inside the conference room to protect Jeff . What they saw was Jeff sprawled at the ground blood all over his chest, he looks like he was shot in his heart .

Ronald was on his knee holding Jeff's chest trying to prevent the blood from flowing . "Boss, boss, hold on don't you dare die on me . Think of your wife and your twins how devastated they would be, boss you can hear me?"

The bodyguards that came to rescue Jeff did not give Mr . Wright a chance to shoot at them . One instantly pulled the trigger and shot his hand that's holding the gun and the other's shoot his two legs, and he fell on his knees in agony .

One bodyguard kicked the gun away from Mr . Wright, he then pushed him unto the ground, pulled both of Mr . Wrights arm towards the back and put handcuffs on him . While all this was happening, a paramedic came and tried to revive him in front of Mr . Wrights naked eye .

Ronald was still shocked and unable to take his hands off Jeff's chest that still bleeding heavily .

The Paramedic that was trying to revive Jeff shook his head . He then informed Ronald that they were too late, Jeff no longer breathing . "Sir, I'm sorry, but we are too late, the patient is gone . There's nothing we can do, the gunshot was fatal, and he was killed instantly .

"Hahaha! I told you, you bastard! Now that you're dead, I no longer owe you anything . Hahaha! It only took one of my bullets to hit you and your dead in an instant . " Mr . Wright was screaming for everyone to hear, not knowing everything that he had said was being recorded .

The police arrived and took Mr . Wright into custody . He was still screaming and yelling when the police took him away . " I don't care if I rot in Jail, as long as you die just like your stupid father . Hahaha! Now you can say hello to him, with my regards . "

Once Mr . Wright was in the custody of the Police and was taken away, "Is he gone? Phew! Good thing I'm a good actor, staying still and playing dead is a tough one . " Jeff jokingly said to everyone .

Ronald took his hands away from Jeff's chest, with him was a plastic bag where all the blood had come from .

Jeff got up and took off his suit first, then his unbuttoned his white shirts to show a bulletproof vest with marks of the bullets that hit him . "Ouch!" One of the bodyguards was helping Jeff remove the bulletproof vest .

However, once the bulletproof was remove, it shows red and purple marks from the bullet that hit him . Jeff's chest had a bruise and his afraid that his wife would be upset if she saw it . "Get me something to lessen the redness asap!" He ordered Ronald .


In the meantime, back in the penthouse, Ann was having breakfast with Eva and Lea happily chatting and reminiscing the good all time .

"What do you all think about going around town once were all out of danger," Lea suggested excitedly to Ann and Eva .

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"Yes! That's a good idea; I want to see where you two grew up and went to high school . That would be fun!" Eva's face is glowing with anticipation .

"Yes! I can't wait for this to be taken care off, Jeff told me they have a plan and if it works we would be going back home soon, I can't wait to hear the good news . " Ann sighs and gave the two girls a half smile .

The three girls sat in a daze after that conversation . All three was praying for Jeff's plan to work and for the men to hurry up and come back safely .

After breakfast, they all moved to the balcony overlooking the strip of Las Vegas . During the day, the strip of Vegas is dead, unlike at night when it's full of lights and lively people walking around .

"Sighs, it would be nice if we could go down and do some shopping," Lea mumbles to herself .

"I know right! I have been here a couple of days already, and I had not done anything productive at all . Before we arrived, I had planned all the things I wanted to do and see; Then this happened . " "sighs!" Was all Eva could do while she continued looking below at Las Vegas strip .

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While the three ladies were emoting and complaining, the three men arrived happily chatting and the girls heard their laughter from afar .

"It must be a piece of good news, by the sound of their laughter, we soon are going home . " Ann happily walked towards the incoming men towards them .

Eva and Lea followed suit, as soon as the men arrived they all went towards their partners, and all three embraces and lifted their woman and happily twirled them around .

Jeff was the one to break the good news . " The planned work and Mr . Wright and all his cronies are now incarcerated . " -Jeff put his wife down and kissed her soundly before continuing his announcement .

"The FBI is currently looking at the other gang members in another State; they have enough information to apprehend them shortly . Therefore, I can safely say we are now out of danger, and we can go home anytime . " Jeff happily informs them with a proud look on his face .

"NO!!!" Ann, Lea, and Eva all screamed in unison .

The men looked at their partners and wondered what's going on?

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Ann sheepishly looked at her husband with a Dowey eye, "Honey, could we stay for a couple of days . We are planning on showing to Eva around the City if that's alright with you . Please!"

Jeff looked around at everyone who's holding their breath waiting for his answer .

"Well . . . we had stayed too long already, and I have a lot of work waiting for me back home . "

Ronald was going to say something, but Jeff saw it in the corner of his eyes and signal him to stop .

Ethan was pretty quick in the uptake; he played along with Jeff . "Me too, I needed to go back home asap . Grandfather had called and told me to take care of the business and get back quickly . "

Ann's become sad when she heard Ethan's and Jeff's reason . However, it's the truth, Jeff's is a very busy person, and they had played hookey long enough already .

"How about this, since you guys needed to go back home . Why not go home first, and us girls would stay a couple of days to do some sightseeing then we would follow home alright!"

"Hell no!!!" The three-man yelled in unison .