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Chapter 214
Jeff's plot had backed fire on him; he forgot how smart his wife, she's able to outwit them in a heartbeat .

Jeff raised his hand surrendering, "You win! I could never outwit you," - he cups Ann's face and gives her a sounding kiss in front of everyone . "You could always see through my scheme no matter what I do . Hehe!"

"Alright! Ann and I would stay another day to give the ladies some time to do some shopping and whatever else they plan on doing . "

After making the announcement, he embraced his wife and ushered her towards the kitchen . "I'm hungry, any food left?" Jeff asked while rubbing his stomach .

"You haven't told me yet if your plan was successful . However, from the look on your face, I can already conclude that it's a success . "

"Yes, Mam! I'm such a good actor that I was able to fool him into thinking he had killed me . Hahaha!" Jeff recounted the ordeal and how he outwitted Mr . Wright .

Ann smacked him in his Arms,-"Ouch!" Jeff complained - "What did I do now? " His face twisted and sadness clouded his features .

Ann gave him a dirty look first before replying . "You need to ask? What would have happened if he had aimed in your head instead of your heart, I would be a widow before we even walked down the aisle . " Ann expression hardened, fear crossed her face .

The color drained out on Jeff's face after hearing what Ann had said; he frowned while in deep thought . "She's right, luckily that idiot was not as smart as my wife . Phew! that was a close call . "


The ladies were finally able to have the anticipated makeover while the men went to play a couple of round of golf while waiting for the women .

After the makeover, the ladies wanted to go shopping . It's where the men come in; they need them to pay for their purchase .

Lea was about to contact Ronald when Ann stopped her . "You don't need to call him,"- Ann took out her wallet and showed Lea and Eva the credit card that Jeff had given her before they had their makeover . - "This card has no limit; we can shop until we drop . " Ann proudly announced .

The three ladies looked at each other after Ann's announcement, then started laughing with each other .




"Let shop until we drop then," she told Eva then winked .


After they finished shopping, the ladies were satisfied and headed back to the penthouse .

"Why don't we all dress up and have a fancy dinner tonight, this way we get to wear the cocktail dress that we purchased today," Ann suggested to Eva and Lea .

"We should contact the men and tell them to wear a fancy suit for dinner . We could meet them at the restaurant below to make it exciting" Ann continued with her suggestion .

Eva and Lea agreed without thinking, they quickly contacted their man and told them the plan .

They were to meet up in one of the famous restaurant located inside at the Mega World Hotel and Casino . Jeff, Ethan, and Ronald agreed without hesitation .

"Let's end this round; we don't have much time left to get ready . "-Jeff announces to the two . - "Alright then, last round . "

Jeff decided to make their dinner special . He told Ronald to tell the Restaurant Manager to close the VIP section where they would be dining . The manager was more than happy to accommodate their CEO, even if he has to close the whole restaurant .

Fortunately, he didn't have to go that far . The Big Boss only asked to close a portion of the VIP section .

Three handsome men were the focus of the attention of every ladies dining in the Restaurant .

Ronald was wearing Giorgio Armani Classic Tuxedo, while Ethan was wearing Giorgio Armani Men's Satin Lapel Chevron Tuxedo . Jeff, on the other hand, wore Giorgio Armani Men's Velvet lapel alim Tuxedo .

All three handsome men were a sight to see, the only thing missing were the three ladies to complete the picture perfect view for their triple dinner date .