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Chapter 215

The ladies that were dining couldn't take their eyes off the three men that just walked by; the men were busy chatting among themselves as they walked towards the VIP section of the Restaurant . They didn't even notice the women were ogling them as they passed by .

Among the three men Jeff is the most dashing of them all, although they all look like they just came out of the GQ Magazine, anyone could tell in one glance that Jeff's is the leader of the pack from the way he walks .

Since it was still early, the men decided to sit by the bar and wait .


In the meantime, the ladies were making sure they look stunning for their date .

Lea wearing a Dolce & Gabbana Red lace-trim gown fitted to her perfect sexy petite body . Eva wore an Edward Arsouni Couture 0283 which emits a sexy and alluring look .

Ann wore an Oscar De La Renta strapless gold and green dress that highlights her tall and slim figures . Even though she's now pregnant, no one would be able to tell just from looking .

Finally, the three ladies were ready; Ann was the first to come out of the room followed by Lea and then Eva . The ladies complimented each other first then started laughing before heading down to the restaurant to meet with the men .


Jeff was getting impatient; he doesn't like being the center of attraction . The ladies were ogling and salivating as far as he could see from the corner of his eye .

He hates the way they were whispering with one another then start giggling; he knows they are talking about them . He was about to make a call to Ann when he heard the ladies murmuring and gasping .

"Ooooh! They're so beautiful, who are they? "

"The lady at the front looks familiar; I think she's someone famous in Asia . " One of the ladies said .

"Yes! She's that model who was featured not long ago; she was with . . . Yes! that man right there, that's her partner . " Another one exclaim .

A buzzing sound was heard due to the people whispering with one another .

The ladies know they were talking about them, and it's heartwarming to be envied . They all continued walking with a beautiful smile plastered on their faces .

The men saw their ladies coming, and they all got up and meet them halfway through . As soon as the men were in front of their partners, the camera started clicking .

Once they went inside the VIP dining room, the buzzed died down, and people went back to their dinner . However, one thing is for sure; they're going to be the number one search in social media once again .

The dinner arrangement for all three couples was to have their own separate tables to give each a private moment with their partner .

Soft music was playing in the background while they were having their dinner . The view was spectacular; the food was delicious, everything was a picture perfect .


Back in Asia, Grandfather Go, Grandmother Tan, Sophia and Albert all went together to see Peter Wen who's currently residing in one of the private nursing homes .

Peter Wen was shocked to hear what Edward had done . However, he no longer has any power and would not be able to do anything about it at all .

"Well, since you no longer hold any power like the elder of the family . Don't stop me from intervening as her Aunt . " Sophia gruffly informed Peter Wen .

"What did you say? Her Aunt? How did it came about that you become related to us so suddenly?" Peter Wen looked at Sophia curiously .

"If you must know, then I'll be more than happy to enlighten you . "- Sophia sneer before continuing . - " You remember your sister who migrated to America with her young daughter; I am that daughter . "

Peter Wen was speechless when he learned of Sophia's identity . " He was unsure of what to do at the moment . "You had been here in Asia for many years, but you never once announced your relationship with our family . Why is that?"

"That's not important now, what's important is Eva's current situation . If there's nothing you can do, then there's no need to continue this conversation any longer . "- Sophia got up and ready to go . - "Let's go, everyone, there's nothing else to discuss . "

Everyone got up and bid Peter Wen goodbye, except for Sophia . She just turned and walked out without saying a proper goodbye .

There was nothing Peter Wen could do; he's now powerless and an old man living in a retirement home forgotten by the family members .

Peter Wen thought about his situation and what's going on with his family . He needed to do something; he's the head of the family .

Peter Wen decided to contact Edward Wen to give him a piece of his mind only to find out that he had already passed away . Hearing the news causes him to have a massive heart attack and was hospitalized in critical condition .


Sophia was upset and emotional as they were walking out of the facility . Someone had recognized her and asked for an autograph .

" Ms . Sophia, I'm your longtime fan, can I please! have an autograph?" One of the nurses asked .

Sophia was not in the mood to sign an autograph at that moment . She ignored the request and continued without acknowledging the nurse request . The situation got posted on social media, and it created a lot of anti-fans for Sophia .

The headlines read < The Diva Ms . Sophia was here in our facility visiting a resident, I asked for an autograph and was ignored . From now on I'm no longer supporting her and asking everyone to follow me boycott her concert . >

The nurse posted it in her social media account which was shared all around the internet .

Sophia's fans were upset after reading the news . Many decided to side with the nurse and boycotted her concert . Because of that, Sophia decided to retire from the industry earlier than her plan .