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Chapter 216

Finally, it was time to go back home to Asia . Jeff had given the Filipina Chef, the Butler and the two maids that assisted them a hefty bonus .

Before leaving, Jeff recommended the Filipina Chef to be promoted as the head chef of the Asian Bistro inside the hotel . The Filipina Chef was in tears with happiness once she was informed by the Restaurant Manager .

The Filipina Chef hurriedly went to catch the couple as they were leaving . She was able to find them as they were about to get into the car that would take them to the airport .

"Mam! Sir! Wait!" She was yelling while running toward them . Once she reached Ann and Jeff's car, she thanked them wholeheartedly . "Maraming-maraming Salamat po! Pagpalain po sana kayo ng poong maykapal . " [Thank you so very much, may God bless you both!"] She spoke with them in their native language .

Jeff and Ann both smiled at the Filipina Chef, bid her goodbye then continued to enter the car . The Filipina Chef continue waving goodbye to the couple as the car left to take the lovely couple to the airport .


It was already late in the evening when they arrived back in Asia . However, everyone was still awake waiting for their return . They all decided to camp out at Jeff's mansion to wait for their arrival .

When the couple arrives home, they were stunned to see many cars parked at the front of the mansion . Mr . Butler informs the couple ahead of time for what's waiting for them inside the mansion .

"Welcome back!" Everyone greeted the couple as they enter . Jeff was not too happy at all and it clearly showing on his face, but there's nothing he could do about the situation .

Jeff wanted nothing but to go straight up to their bedroom to rest after their long flight . But, how is he going to do that with all of them around? He sighs before speaking, "what are you all doing here so late at night?" Jeff snarled at everyone around .

"Oh, come on! is that how you supposed to greet your elders?" Grandfather Go growl at Jeff in return, after giving him a pat on his back .

"We just wanted to do a little family bonding, was it wrong with that?" Albert Tan interject a little gruffly to his son-in-law . He then went straight to his daughter with a sweet smile on his face giving her a welcome home embrace .

Grandma Tan and Sophia did same, they eagerly hug Ann then ushered her towards the living room area .

Ann hugs everyone back to ease the tension before excusing herself so she can freshen up herself a little .


Ethan and Eva arrived at Grandfather Go's mansion only to find out that no one was home . The Butler informs them that they went to Jeff's and Ann's home to wait for their arrival to do some family bonding .

The couple has no choice but to head to Jeff's home to join the family bonding .

The elders were happily chatting when Ethan and Eva arrived . They were bombarding Jeff with questions about Eva's situation, Jeff had no choice but to answer all of it the best he could .

They were shocked to hear that Edward Wen had passed away due to a heart attack . They all give Eva their condolences, before asking if she planned on holding a funeral .

Eva decided to let Sophia make a decision for her even though she's old enough to make her own . "Aunty Sophia, if you don't mind I would appreciate if you could make the decision in regards to the funeral, please!" Eva pleaded with a sadness in her eye .

Sophia embraces Eva before replying .

"If you insist, I could do that . Since my concerts were being boycotted by my fans, I have a lot of free time now . " Sophia replied .

Ann who just happens to come in wonder's what happened . "Mom, what's going on? We were gone less than a week and your concert was being boycotted?" She asked with concern showing on her face .

" A fan posted a negative message about me in social media and asked the other fans to boycott my concert, and that's the result," Sophia replies nonchalantly .

"Your mother was planning on announcing her retirement anyway, so no harm was done," Albert said to ease the tension that was surrounding them .

Grandfather Go decided to change the topic the lighten up the atmosphere . " Listen, everyone, what do you all think of a double wedding?"

(Reader's what do you all think of grandfather Go's question?)