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Chapter 217

The sudden change of subject was unexpected, and no one was prepared to answer grandpa Go's questions .

"Wait a minute, what do you mean by double wedding?" Jeff asked anxiously .

"Yes! Please, do tell us who's wedding are you talking about now? We know of Ann and Jeff's, but who's the other person?" Albert Tan is now curious too .

While everyone else was waiting for Grandfather Go to reply, Ann was looking at Eva and Ethan, and she has a feeling that the old man was talking about them two .

Grandfather Go got up and sat down next to Grandmother Tan, he reached out and took her hand before looking at everyone to give his reply .

" You all know how I feel about Grandmother Tan, she was my first love, and now that I'm in my last leg, I'm happy to admit that I'm still in love with her . " While still holding grandma Tan's hand, grandpa Go popped the question; Grandma Tan, will you marry me?"

Grandma Tan jerked her hand away so fast and smacked grandpa Go on his arms . "What are you talking about you old fool, are you out of your mind?"

At first, everyone was stunned, and their mouth was wide open from shock . However, after hearing grandma Tan's reply, everyone took it as a joke and started laughing .

"Grandpa, I'm sorry that you got busted, how about a hard drink to soothe your bruised ego . " Ethan joked still laughing .

Jeff just shook his head and turned his attention to his wife . "Phew! I was sure he was talking about Eva and Ethan when he mentioned the double wedding . What do you think?"

"Hmmm . . . " -Ann paused for a minute before replying . - "I did too until he proposed to grandma and I was speechless for a moment . It's not a bad idea, except uncle Edward just passed away, and it would not look good for her to have a wedding so soon; You know what I mean?"

"Well, I don't want to have a double wedding anyway . It's an extraordinary moment of our lives, and I'm not willing to share it with anyone but you and our twins . " Jeff gives his wife a resounding kiss to show his affection .

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Eva was envious how in love the two with each other . She's wondering if Ethan is as sweet as his older brother when Ethan suddenly made an announcement .

"Everyone, listen up Eva and I have something to announce . " He reached for her and motioned for her to come to stand next to him . Once Eva was standing next to him, Ethan moves to stands behind Eva and back hugs her while facing everyone who's waiting for the announcement .

"We are officially dating, and we have no plan on getting married anytime soon . We are still at the stage of learning and getting to know one another,"- Ethan looks at Eva before continuing, making sure she agrees with what he's saying .

When Eva nodded, Ethan continues where he left off . " Lastly, I'm unemployed and have no way of supporting a wife, unless big brother gives me a job soon; For us to get married in the future would be impossible," Ethan said it jokingly .

"Blah, blah, blah! Like you would ever need to work for a living to support your wife . What you need to worry about is that mother of yours if she would agree for you to marry someone, not of her choice . " Grandfather Go said it straight face to Ethan as a warning .

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Speaking of the devil, not a moment sooner a voice was heard screaming and yelling outside the door .

The Butler and the security guard was doing their best to prevent Olivia Wright and her companion from America 'Megan Wright' from entering the parlor .

Ethan heard the loud voice of his mother . His face was all red from embarrassment, but what can he do, that's how Olivia is and needed to stop her at all cost . Ethan hurried up and went to see what's going on and to get rid of his mother as far away as he can .

Ethan was in a hurry that he didn't realize that Eva had followed him out the door where she saw Megan Wright come up to him, embraces him and kissed him as a greeting .

Eva's was eating vinegar after that scene . She turned around and went back inside the parlor acted that like nothing happened .

Ann saw the whole thing, how Eva went out and came back so swift then sat down quietly with a sad looking face . "Something fishy here, what dis she saw to look sad like that?" Ann thought to herself .

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Jeff was looking at his wife, while Ann was looking at Eva . "What's going on? Why are you staring at her?" Jeff whispered to Ann curiously .

"You'll soon find out, whether you like it or not . " Ann joked at her husband with a big grin on her face while she's teasing him .

"You're not fair; I always tell you everything . Here you are keeping a secret and not letting me in it at all . " Jeff pouted his lips like a spoilt child in which Ann thought was adorable .

Even Grandfather Go was shocked to see his grandson, the CEO of Mega World Intl . Group of Company could act like a child in front of his beautiful wife . "Hahaha!" It is a sight to see . "Hahaha!"

Grandpa Go was so happy; his laughter was heard all the way outside where Olivia was still arguing with the security guard and the Butler .

Olivia heard Grandpa Go's voice and decided to calm down and waited for Jeff and Ann to come out .