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Chapter 218
When Ethan had not returned after a while, Jeff decided to check and see what's going on . He got up and whispered to Ann, "sweetheart, I'll be right back I'm going to see what's happening out there . "

Olivia's face lit up when she saw Jeff walking towards them . "Son! It's good you arrive, please! tell your Butler and this hunk to let me in alright . " Olivia acted like she's mistreated the whole time .

Megan who's standing by Ethan's side saw Jeff and a smile formed on her face . "Ethan, is that your older brother?" She whispered .

Ethan gave Megan a dirty look first before replying . "Don't even think about it, he's already taken . He's married to the most beautiful woman in Asia; you don't hold a candle over her alright!" Ethan warned Mega ahead of time .

"Whatever, I just asked if his your older brother, I didn't say I want him . " Megan pouted her lips as she said it, loud enough only for Ethan to hear .

"What's going on here? What's this commotion . " Jeff spoke almost growling .

"Son! Please, tell your people here to let us in, I'm tired and haven't eaten anything yet . I'm about to pass out from hunger here . " Olivia was acting pitiful so Jeff would feel sorry and let them come in .

"I'm sorry! But I can't let you in mother; It's not a good time for a company . Grandfather is here and so us my in-laws, and you don't get along with either of them, so I advise for you to leave for now . " Jeff said it sternly with a scowl on his face .

"I know, I know! But I was going to introduce Megan to everyone; she's my step-daughter from the State . Well, my ex-stepdaughter to be precise . " She corrected herself to ensure that Jeff's knows the exact relationship between them .

"Hmmm, so you're telling me that she's Mr . Wrights, daughter and you brought her here for what?" Jeff was direct to the point .

Olivia had no idea that her ex-husband Mr . Wright is now incarcerated waiting for trial from shooting and killing Jeff . At least that's what Mr . Wright thought, that he had murdered Jeff in the process .

Olivia was running around all over Europe to locate Megan Wright so she could bring her to Asia to pair her up with either of her sons . She has no idea that it was a mistake, a waste of time to be exact .

"Shouldn't you be in America right now to comfort your ex-husband in jail?" Jeff asked nonchalantly .

Olivia wasn't able to comprehend what Jeff's mean by comforting her ex-husband in jail . The last time Olivia saw Mr . Wright, he was having fun with a 'tootsie' on his lap .

"What do you mean his in jail? There's no way the police would dare touch him . " She informs Jeff proudly .

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" Unless he killed someone, and he would never do that personally . He would order his right-hand man, the gang leader . " She mumbles, loud enough for Jeff to hear .

'That's precisely what he did, he killed someone and that someone is me if you must know . ' Jeff thought to himself while looking at his mother without blinking .

"Mother, if you don't mind, it's getting late, and I still need to go back inside where my family is waiting . Please, leave and will talk another time . "

Jeff turned his attention to the Butler and the security and ordered them . "Escort them out and make sure to inform the gate not to let her in unless I say so . "

After he finished giving his order, he turned and left without even glancing at Megan Wright who's ogling him the whole time .

Ethan ushered the two towards the car, "Where are you staying right now?" He remembers to ask as they were getting in the car .

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"Where else would I be staying, of course at the villa," Olivia replied angrily .

"F . . ck!" Ethan thought, "alright! I'll see you later then . I still have things to discuss with my brother; I might stay overnight too . So don't wait up for me . " He then slammed the door then motioned to the driver to go .

Once the car left, Ethan slowly made his way back to the parlor where the love of his life was waiting . At least that's what he thought .

When he arrives back into the parlor, everyone was getting ready to leave . Eva was nowhere in sight .

Ethan looked around and couldn't find her anywhere . He decided to ask his grandfather instead . "Grandpa, where's Eva?"

"Who? Ah! The girl that was with you, the one you just announced to us, . . . What did you say, your girlfriend, hmmm . "

Grandfather Go acted like his thinking before continuing his act . "I don't know! Why don't you ask your brother, oh! Wait a minute; I think he doesn't know either . Hahaha!"

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He then started walking towards the door with the children in tow while laughing out loud .

Albert Tan was saying his goodbye to Jeff, while Sophia and Grandma Tan was saying their farewell to Ann . "Go and rest, I will make all the arrangement for your uncle's funeral and let you know tomorrow alright . " Sophia gives Ann a tight embrace before calling Albert to leave .

After everyone left, Ethan was finally able to have a civilized conversation with Ann and Jeff . "Would someone tell me what's going on? Where's my girlfriend, where did she go?"

Jeff just shook his head and looked at his brother without saying a word .

Ann was kind enough to reply," Ethan, why don't you go home for now and take care of Mother-in-law, don't worry about Eva she's fine . She was tired, and I told her to stay over for the night . "

Ethan got the picture, but still not understanding what he did wrong . However, Ann was right; he should go home and take care of his mother first .

"Can I at least, see her before I leave?" He pleaded .

"NO!" The couple said in unison .