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Chapter 219

Ethan didn't have much of choice when the couple had adamantly refused to let him see Eva before heading home .

Instead of going home to the Villa, Ethan decided to go straight at his grandfather's mansion . Everyone was already asleep by the time he arrived .

The Butler informs Ethan that grandpa Go had ordered him to prepare a room for him . The old man knows that his not going home to be with his mother and Megan for that matter .

Ethan was thankful; he went to check on the boys first before going to his room to rest his tired mind .


The next day, Sophia was busy arranging Edward's funeral and visited her uncle in the hospital . She didn't have any time to worry about her depleting popularity .

The nurse that posted the bad review about her got terminated from her work for bad etiquette .

She should know better than to ruined someone career; the management has a strict rule about work etiquette . See no evil hear no evil, full confidentiality and she broke that law .

Sophia's manager Edna found out of what had happened, and she reported it to Sophia right away .

"It's not going to change anything anyway, why did they have to terminate her, they should have just given her a warning and ask her to issue an apology," Sophia told Albert sadly .

"She's a fan, after all, they should have given her the benefit of the doubt . It's sad; we should do something about it . " Albert replied nonchalantly .

Sophia ordered Edna to contact the hospital to try to help the nurse get her position back . Even though the nurse had caused for Sophia's downfall, she doesn't want her to lose her job over that .

After Edna contacted the Hospital, the nurse was re-instated . When the nurse found out that Sophia was the one that helped her, she issued an apology and asked for forgiveness .

Once the masses read and heard about what Sophia had done, her popularity skyrocketed once again . She's back to being the "Diva," but it doesn't matter any longer, her decision was already final she's retiring for good .

Grandmother Tan continuously visited Claudia at the Mental Hospital where she was locked up . Claudia knows how much the old lady loves her; she's trying her best to coax Grandma Tan to help her escape .

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Unfortunately, she did not succeed in coaxing grandma Tan at all . It's the opposite, after several months of rehabilitation, she was proven sane and was transferred to jail waiting for sentencing .

Cladia looks so pitiful after she got transferred into the jail, she keeps on insisting that she's the victim and Ann was the culprit . When Albert Tan heard about this news, he went and spoke with Claudia .

When Claudia heard that CEO Tan was there to visit her, she hurried up and made herself pitiful . However, Albert was only there to make her sign the document indicating she no longer part of the Tan family . Before Albert left, he decided to inform Claudia that he knew all along that she's not his biological daughter .

"By the way, I only want you to know that I knew from the start that your not my biological daughter, the truth of the matter is I never touched your mother the whole time we were married . Our marriage was only for convenience and stayed that way until she died . "

Claudia was speechless after hearing what Albert told her, she was a fool to believe that he has no idea when all this time he knew and never said a word about it till now . Claudia slumps down to the floor in dismay, she's all alone now and would probably spend the rest of her day in prison .


In the meantime, Eva had been staying with Ann trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life . During this time, she didn't want to see Ethan at all . She was still eating vinegar and Ann, and Jeff knows about it too .

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The couple decided to pave the way for Ethan; he needed to be able to provide for Eva if they are to get married .

Therefore, after Edward's funeral which was attended only by a close relative and friends . Jeff and Ann had taken over the Wen's Corporation through acquisition . Mega World Intl Group of Company purchased all of Wen's asset and was turned over to Ethan .

The turnover was done via an emergency board meeting, finally, Ethan was named the new CEO of Wen's corporation .

Olivia was happy with the outcome; she started speaking to Megan of the possibility of union . Unfortunately, Megan had set her eyes on Jeff, and she would do everything in her power to hook him up . As the saying goes, by hook or by crook . She plans on becoming Mrs . Jeff Go, and Olivia plans on helping her achieve this goal .

While Olivia and Megan were cahooting, Jeff and Ann were having a meeting with the people in the church where they would hold their wedding .

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The meantime, Ronald and Lea's family, had a meeting in regards to their upcoming marriage . It's decided that the wedding would be held in Las Vegas the following year as not to have a conflict with Ann and Jeff's wedding .

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Mr . and Mrs . Kuan visited Ann before flying back home to Las Vegas . Ann was in tears with joy when she met them; they had been like a parent to her when her grandmother Wen passed away . They adopted her as their second daughter and Ann would never forget that for the rest of her life .

Ann informs them about the twins; she figures that Mrs, Kuan should be an expert raising twins since she had one herself . "How about moving her in Asia, you can be closer to Lea and of course to me . " Ann playfully told Mrs . Kuan .

"I think, you're just looking for a baby sitter, hahaha! Don't worry, when the time comes, we would fly back and help you if you need it . That's if you need it, from what we could see it would never happen . Your husband could easily hire you tens of thousand help . Hahaha!"

"It's not the same you know!" Ann pouted her mouth and gave Mrs . Kuan a sorry look and tried her best to look pitiful .

Mr . and Mrs . Kuan agreed to be back for Ann and Jeff's wedding . They also promised to come when the twins come into this world . Mr . and Mrs . Kuan has a lot of experience when it comes to raising twins and Ann's looking forward to receiving a few pointers .

Everything seems to be back to normal, Tan corporation's business boomed after becoming affiliated with Mega World Intl . Group of Company .

Ethan's who's the new CEO of Wen's Corporation has a knack in running the business just like his brother Jeff, the company is now back in track and started making some money .

In the eyes of everyone, all was perfect, and nothing could go wrong . However, in America, something big is brewing, and it will soon come to Asia to create havoc .