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Chapter 22

Ann was so stunned that she was rendered speechless . 'Is this guy for real? I haven't seen him in four years and when he finally showed his face, his fulling this stunt . What does he take me for?' She stared at Jeff who's still in his knees waiting for her reply when suddenly she got up, grab her purse, took out her phone and called Lea to come to pick her up .

Jeff was still on his knees, " aren't you going to answer me?" said it in a low tone and a sad . . . sad . . . sad looking face, a tear about to drop from his glistening blue eye .

Ann with a soft heart couldn't take it anymore . She walked towards Jeff, squat in front of him, look him in the eyes and told him to give her some time to think about it, took the ring . " Let me hold on to this alright!" Gave him a light kiss then got up and walked out the door without looking back .

Jeff wasn't sure what had just happened, he stayed in the same spot for a while then collapsed on the floor and started laughing hard . "Hahaha, she said she would think about it, and she took the ring . Is that a yes? Ah, no matter what it is at least is not a no, ha ha ha . . "

In the meanwhile Lea arrived at the hotel, she went to the front desk and asked what room is Jeff staying . The front desk clerk would not tell her, so she called Ann who's just happened to be walking out off the elevator looking entirely out of it . She runs to Ann and hands her a sunglasses and facemasks . "Are you crazy? what if someone recognizes you, put this on quick and let's get out of her"

As their making their way in the lobby, a couple of guests came in . They were curious who that person with a sunglasses and facemasks, they stopped by the concierge and inquired . However, no one can tell them who the person was . Even if they do know they will never divulge it to anyone, knowing that the person just came out of the private elevator belongs to their CEO .

The two guest that saw Ann was a famous reporter of public tv stations in Jeff's Country .

They know that the hotel belongs to the Go family group empire and the elevator we're that person just came from is a private one . They couldn't wait to arrive in their room and report the news to their headquarters .

" Latest news: [ An unknown woman wearing facemasks and sunglasses was seen leaving from the private elevator of CEO Go in one of their hotel in America . Who is she? A girlfriend? or a hidden mistress!

For all the women's out there hoping and wishing . It seems that the most eligible bachelor in now taken . ] The news anchorman said it a straight face like it's the end of the world for all those women who are hoping to become Mrs . Jeff Go .

The news becomes the talk of the town, specifically to the elite class, wherever there's a gathering Jeff will be the topic of their conversation . Especially to those with daughter in the family, one of them is Ann's biological Mother who just acquired a stepdaughter .


Jeff did not know what's going on . His too focus in convincing his wife to stay married with him . Two more days and he will need to go back home; she has not given him an answer yet . He couldn't concentrate on anything, no appetite to eat, he just stayed in his room waiting-and-waiting-and-more waiting . 'He could go to her or give a call, but he chooses to wait and give her space' On the last day, finally, Ann called requesting to meet up .