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Chapter 220

Las Vegas Nevada Penitentiary:

Mr . Wright was in a meeting with his team of elite lawyers . The discussion was about his impending trial for murder .

"We are waiting to hear from the private investigator; we should soon find out the truth . " The head of the team informs Mr . Wright .

"It the news was correct, and that boy played the fool out of me, I will make sure to pay him back ten-fold once I get out of here . " Mr . Wright face was all red from anger, and he was yelling from the top of his lungs . He bangs his hand at the table so hard that it shook .

The team of the lawyer was afraid, and they know what this man was capable of doing . He could have a person disappear in the face of the earth with one flick of his finger .

"Please, come down Mr . Wright, we will get you out of here in no time, we need a piece of evidence that his not dead . We will have it for sure by the time we go to trial . " The lead of the team said it with confidence .

"You better make sure of that, or it's your head . You all understand what I mean . " Mr . Wright was already thinking of how he would make Jeff pay for what he did to him .

'You have the guts to go against me, let see what you can do when I come after you as I did with your father . ' He's smirked while thinking .


Meantime in Asia, Grandfather Go was having a meeting with Jeff and Ethan . For the fast couple of days, he had a bad dream, and it scared him . The dream was always about His son, Jeff and Ethan's father . Before he died, he was able to tell grandfather Go about Olivia and her lover Mr . Wright . Jeff and Ethan's father was randomly shot right in front of their home . There was no shred of evidence to point who did the shooting and it was ruled random shooting, not murder .

Grandfather Go did not inform the Investigator and the Police about what his son had told him on his deathbed . They have a name to protect, and if he would have reported it to them and the news got out, they would be a laughing stock from being the cuckold .

Grandfather Go confronted Olivia, and she did not deny it . After hearing Olivia's word, grandpa Go had a heart attack and was in a coma .

While Jeff was busy at the hospital taking care of grandpa Go, Olivia took the opportunity to run away with Mr . Wright and moved to America with Ethan .

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That was many years ago and should have been in the past, but grandpa Go suddenly started having nightmares, and he's worried about everyone's safety .


Ethan arrived first and since they were still waiting for Jeff, he went to the children's room instead to pay them a visit .

Don-Don and Bentong were busy studying . Grandpa Go had hired a private tutor for the boys to prepare them for school . The boys saw Ethan when he walked in and was prepared to get up when the Tutor stopped them . "Who said, you two could get up, sit down and finish your work!" He sternly told the boys .

Don-Don was obedient and sat down without complaining . However, Bentong was another matter . He wasn't happy to be told at all . He looks at Ethan with a sad looking face, "brother Ethan, can we stop, for now, my eyes were crossed already from all the work his making us do?" He pleaded .

"Hahaha!" He laughs from the way Bentong was acting sad and sorry . He turned his attention to the Tutor and asked nicely . "Sir, if you don't mind giving them a few minutes break, I would appreciate it and let my grandpa knows how hard you've been teaching them . "

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The Tutor heard the praise, and with a half smile on his face, he let the two boys take a break . " Thirty minutes and not more, you hear?" He told the two boys then got up and left the room to give them privacy .

"Ye-hey! Your the best brother Ethan, one word from you and he left . " Bentong praises Ethan while happily jump on Ethan's playfully .

Don-Don didn't stop what he's doing; he acknowledges Ethan then went back to his homework .

Ethan stayed long enough until someone had called him . "Young master Ethan, young master Ethan! CEO had arrived, and they're asking for you to join them . " One of the young maid while standing outside the closed door .

"Sorry! Guys, I need to go . I'll be back when I'm done; we could go visit your sister Eva alright!" He informs them excitedly .

When Don-Don heard Eva's name, Ethan got his attention . "Alright!" Don-Don replied with eyes gleaming with excitement .

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Jeff and Grandfather Go were having a cocktail when he arrived . "What's with the cocktail at this hour?" Ethan asked curiously .

Grandfather looks at Ethan straight on his face . "Come and sit down, what I'm about to tell you two is very important and requires for me to drink some cocktails this early . "

Ethan followed his grandfather order and sat down next to his older brother . "So! What is it so important that you called us to have a meeting?"

Grandfather took a breather and sighs before preparing to tell Jeff and Ethan the secret that he been keeping inside for many years . The time has come for Jeff and Ethan to know who's the real culprit in their father's murder many years ago .

"Whatever I'm about to tell you both is the truth and nothing but the truth . This is about your deceased father and his killer . "

"KILLER!" Jeff and Ethan spoke at the same time .

"Grandfather, what do you mean father's killer? I thought it was an accident, and he was shot randomly?" Jeff stood up and curious while asking .

"Yes! Grandfather, I thought the same thing . Mother had told me before that it was an accident . " Ethan interject .