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Chapter 221
Tears of sadness started forming in Grandpa Go's eye . Whenever he thinks about how his son died without justice, he couldn't help but feel upset . That's is why he hated Olivia's guts, and if he could help it, he would make her pay for what she had done even if it means hurting Ethan in the process .

When Jeff informed him of his encounter with Mr . Wright in Las Vegas, he started having the nightmare and decided to tell Jeff and Ethan the truth .

"The truth of the matter about your father's death, that He was murdered by Olivia's lover . It's none other than Mr . Wright . The same man who thought he had killed Jeff and still the same person who wanted Ethan's woman .

Jeff and Ethan eagerly awaiting what grandpa Go has to say . The anticipation was excruciating for the two, they don't want to believe that Olivia was part of the evil deed, but they know in their heart that she's capable one hundred percent .

Grandpa Go breathe a big sigh first, "I never indeed approved of your mother from the very beginning . Something was cunning about her attitude towards your father, she seduced him to sleep with her and made sure she gets pregnant in the process . Therefore, I had no other choice but to let them get married . "

"Hahaha! My polish dream had caused your father his demise . I really want to have a grandchild due to my agreement with grandmother Tan . For some reason, your mother had found out about it and used that to hook your father . " - Grandpa Go stopped for a minute to take a breather .

"Nevertheless, your father did his best to be a good father and husband and made the best of the situation . Unfortunately, he was a workaholic and barely had time to spare with your mother, and that's when she met Mr . Wright . "

Grandpa Go looked at Ethan first to see if he's paying attention before continuing . "When Olivia got pregnant with Ethan, they had a big fight in regards to his paternity . Your father was not sure if your his biological child or Mr . Wright . " Grandpa Go looks at Ethan's for reaction; however, there was none . Ethan's face was blank .

"With the argument they had, your father stayed away more and more until Ethan was born and was able to do a DNA testing . " Grandpa Go took out an envelope and hand it over to Ethan to read .

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Ethan took the envelope with a shaking hand, he doesn't even want to think of the possibility of them not being blood-related . He slowly pulled the sheet of paper to read, horror could be seen on his face .

Then his face lit up, and a big grin was plastered on his face . "Oh! Thank God! Phew!" Ethan got up and gives grandpa Go a big hug then Jeff . He handed the sheet of paper to Jeff to read afterward . "I'm a Go, hahaha! I'm our fathers' child . " Tears of joy started forming in his eyes .

Jeff gives his brother a big hug and a smile formed on his face . "I never doubt that you're our fathers' son, and this" -he waives the sheet of paper in the air . - "Doesn't mean anything to me at all . " He gives Ethan a pat on his back before seating back down to once again listen to grandpa Go's story .

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Once Ethan sat back down, grandpa Go continued with his story . " As I was saying, your father had become more aloof as the days went by and spending time here with more and more until he finally moves back in and left your mother for good . "

"Your father then started the process of annulling the marriage, and when your mother found that out, she had made a deal with the devil Mr . Wright . "

"Mr . Wright is the one shot your father right there in front of our home . Your mother witnessed the whole thing; she told me that herself before she ran away with your fathers' murdered .

Jeff's face is now scarlet red from anger, and so as Ethan . They couldn't believe what they were hearing . "We need to do something, him being in jail right now is not enough . I know he would find a way to get out and come after my family and me . When that time comes, I'm ready and waiting . " Jeff told them with determination on his face .

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"So, grandfather, let me get this clear . You don't have a shred of proof that he has something to do with father's shooting?" Jeff asked curiously .

"I didn't at that time, but I do now . However, the statue of limitation to file charges against Mr . Wright had elapsed already . Therefore, I could not do anything anymore . " The old man told jeff with regret showing in his eyes .

"Let me have all the evidence you have on hand, and I will take care of everything . Let this bastard Mr . Wright come, and I'll be waiting for him at the gate of hell . " Jeff's anger was clearly showing in the tone of his voice .

"I'm with you brother, to hell with him . He was never a father to me in any form anyway . I hope that Mother does not get into the middle of everything . " Concern was showing on his face unable to voice it to his older brother .

"To hell with her, she was never a mother to me in any form . All she was is a person who had given birth to me, no more or less . If she gets into the middle then she would go to hell with him," Jeff said sternly .