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Chapter 222
While the meeting was happening at Go's mansion, Olivia and Megan were at the Villa plotting how to snare Jeff from Ann's grasp . Olivia was making a plan for Ann to have a miscarriage; she knows how to do it without anyone being suspicious of her . She needs Megan cooperation in the matter, which she's one hundred percent sure would go along with the plan .


Jeff went back to Mega headquarters to take care of a business matter . Ronald was holding the port while he's having the meeting . As soon as he walks in, file and files of paper were dropped right in front of him .

"What is all this? I was only gone for a little while, and it piled up like this already?" He growled at Ronald .

"There's only so much I could hold up, those needed your signatures . I separated them based on urgency, and you can see all the little sticky notes where you need to pay attention .

After giving Jeff's the report, Ronald went back to his desk to take care of other matters .

Jeff didn't have much choice; he started sorting through the documents . "Important, less critical, essential, less critical . " He was mumbling as he was going through all the papers in front of him .

Ronald, shooked his head and smiled secretly to himself . 'That's what you get from playing hooky, hehe!' He thought to himself while busy with other things .

"Ronald! Come here, there something we need to do . " Jeff yelled without looking if Ronald even heard him or not .

A minute later, Jeff looks up and Ronald standing right in front of him as usual . They had been Boss and Assistant for many years; they already know each other move .

"Yes, boss! You want me to do something?"

"Here's some document I got from grandfather, see what you can do about it . It's a piece of evidence about something that had happened a long time ago . Don't worry who you need to run over to get to the bottom of it . Especially that woman, if we could get rid of her, the better . " Jeff gave his order without a care in the world .

Ronald accepted the document Jeff handed him; he then went back to his desk to see what's inside the envelope . What's inside was a report from a private investigator with a USB . He took it out and plugged it into his laptop to see what's inside .

What Ronald saw made his mouth wide opened and gawked . It's Mrs . Olivia Wright, with Mr . Wright, Jeff's and Ethan's father at the front of Go's mansion . No sound can be heard, but it's clearly showing that they were in a confrontation .

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Olivia was beside Mr . Wright while Mr . Go was yelling at them or something . Mr . Go was motioning something; he raised his hands . From what Ronald could see, it's like he's saying he had enough, it's over then turned around to go back to the house . Suddenly Mr . Wright pulled out what it seems like a gun, pointed at Mr . Go then pulled the trigger .

Ronald was speechless, his eyes bulging and mouth wide open, but unable to utter a word . 'WTF!!! What is this? This is murder clear as a day, who was that man?' His mind was saying, but no word was coming out of his mouth .

He was so shocked he suddenly backed away from the computer, and his chair flipped, and he fell backward . *Thud! Boink!* "Ouch!"

Jeff heard the commotion and looked at Ronald direction curiously . "What's going on? What's wrong with you, did you drink too much last night and still drunk?" Jeff jokingly asked him .

"Boss, boss, BOSS!!!" Come here; you got to see this! " Ronald scrambled back to his feet and fixed the chair up .

He clicked the video back from the beginning and paused waiting for Jeff .

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Jeff wasn't in a hurry to look, and he knows there was some evidence in the envelope, what he doesn't know was it's the actual murder of his father and the murderer was none other than Mr . Wright .

He leisurely walked towards Ronald's desk . "What is it that you even fell off your chair . "

"Boss! This thing, where did you get this? This is evidence of someone getting murdered and . . . Nevermind, go see for yourself . " Ronald click the play button, and video resumed .

At first, Jeff wasn't interested especially when she saw his mother and Mr . Wright . Then he saw his father; his heart started beating fast . *Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud . * Then he saw the whole thing, how his father was murdered right in front of his mother eyes by her lover .

Jeff lost his sense and wiped the whole table with his hand and arms . Everything that was on Ronald's desk was now on the floor .

Jeff was shaking and in a fury, his ready to kill Mr . Wright along with his mother if they were right there and then .

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"Boss, boss, come down . . . That man who got shot is that . . . " Ronald couldn't bring himself to say, -your father?' He went and got a glass of water and hurriedly gave it to Jeff to drink .

Jeff stood rooted to the ground for sometimes before he found his bearing again and started issuing orders to Ronald .

"I will make sure he pays for what he did even if I have to kill him myself I will mark my word," Jeff said out loud for Ronald to hear .

"Who are your going to kill? What's going on here, what with the mess?"

Jeff turned around and saw one of the people that's responsible for his father's death . Olivia Wright followed by Megan Wright walking in with the sexiest smile she could come up with .

Megan walked towards Jeff and stretches her hand . "Hello! I'm Megan Wright, we weren't properly introduced the other day . " She said it with a sweet and sexy voice she could conjure .

Jeff looks at her and then his mother . . .