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Chapter 223

Jeff looked at his mother with contempt in his eyes . He's so mad that he couldn't utter a reply to Olivia's question . Megan who has no idea what's going on stood still hand stretched waiting for Jeff to accept the handshake .

Jeff ignored them, he turned around walked back towards his desk and sat down to continue working .

Megan was stunned, this is the first time that her beauty did not work, she looked at Olivia's direction asking for help .

"What now? " She raised her hand motioning that she's unsure what to do next .

Olivia was at lost of what to do as well . The plan was for Megan to use her enticing beauty to hook Jeff, but her son seemed to be unaffected and didn't see the beauty in front of him .

Olivia tried again, "Son, why so rude? You could at least accepted her handshake, is it going to kill you to do that?"

"It might! Who knows what kind of disease she's carrying with her, what happens if I contracted it from the handshake and I die, what then? You'll probably jump for joy . " Jeff told sarcastically .

"Ronald, get rid of the trash in my office, It's stinking up the whole place," Jeff yelled for Olivia and Megan to hear .

Olivia was upset after hearing what Jeff insinuated; she started screaming . "What kind of son are you? I'm your mother, the one that given birth to you . . . -Had you forgotten that you ungrateful SOB!"-Olivia's face was all red from anger .

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Megan stormed out of the room without saying a word; she has enough . It's the first time in her whole life that she was mistreated that way . "Who does he think he is, you think you can treat me that way without paying the consequences, think again!" Megan was mumbling to herself as she walked out .

Megan made a call to Las Vegas as she was walking out of Jeff's office . *Buzzzzz* *Bzzzz* "Hello! Dad . . . I need your help!"-Megan started the human act and cried over the phone for her father to hear .

"What's going on? Where are you? I had been in jail for a week and you never once came to visit, where have you been?" Mr . Wright asked the question pausing only to take a breather .

"What do you mean you were in jail? How could that happen, with all those people under your payroll how could you spend time in jail? Dad, aren't you untouchable? Unless . . . you killed someone in broad daylight with witnesses around . " Megan couldn't believe what she's hearing .

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Olivia heard part of the conversation with disbelief . "What is this that I just heard? Are you speaking to your father?"

Megan nodded then handed the phone to Olivia . "Hello! What is this I heard that you were in jail? Who's stupid enough to do that? Does, this person have a deathwish?" Olivia rumbles on without letting Mr . Wright speak a word .

When Olivia finished, Mr . Wright finally able to speak . "The person that this that to me is none other than your sons if you must know . Hmpt!" Mr . Wright was screaming from the top of his lungs .

"Why are you getting mad at me, what do have to do with what they did to you . Yes! They are my sons, but you know I care more about you than them . I had picked you over their father, and I would favor you again over them alright!"

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Mr . Wright likes what he's hearing; he needed her for his plan to work . He needs someone with access to the Go family and their fortune . "Sweetheart, I want you to do me a favor . I'm on my way there to take care of some business, don't let anyone within your family know I'm coming I'm bringing a big surprise . Hahaha!"

Mr . Wright gives his instructions to Olivia of what she needed to prepare for his arrival . After hanging up, he ordered his minions to contact all their members in Asia and to equip for battle .

"CEO Go, you wait for me, I'm coming with a big surprise . You and your whole family would love . . . Hahaha!" Mr . Wright yells out loud for the whole world to hear .


Olivia and Megan had no idea that the whole conversation they had with Mr . Wright was recorded and heard in the surveillance room of Mega World Intl . Group of Company as per Jeff's instruction .