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Chapter 224
Jeff received the video surveillance footage of Olivia's conversation with Mr . Wright . He heard every word that Mr . Wright instructed Olivia to prepare for their arrival in Asia . They would be in for a surprise themselves if they thought they would be able to enter the Country .

"Ronald, we need to have a meeting, contact the Elite team asap," After giving the order, Jeff called Ethan .

"I need you here asap, can you leave?" Jeff asked Ethan with urgency in his voice .

"Give me an hour; I have some urgent matter to attend first then I'm on my way . Mother called, and I have a feeling it had something to do with that evil man . " Ethan told his brother .

Ethan received a call from his mother and urgently urging him to come home . He was going to ignore her, but it might have something to do with his adopted father and any information he could gather to help his brother, he would try his best to obtain .

After Jeff hang up with Ethan, next to contact was the Chief of Police, Officer Garcia, Custom and Border Officer, and lastly the Asia's FBI .


An hour later at Mega World headquarters conference room . Jeff's elite team, Officer Garcia together with Chief of Police and the Special Forces, Custom and Border Officers and the someone for FBI were having a meeting .

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"So, he was able to get out of jail after all . I'm sure they now have evidence that I'm still alive that's why he was able to get out . "-Jeff informs everyone . - "You all could see from the surveillance footage; he murdered my father . As far as I know, there's no statute of limitation when it comes to a murder case . You all know what to do when he arrives in the Country . "

The Chief of Police worked with Asia's FBI to communicate with the FBI in America . All evidence transmitted to them along with the conversation Mr . Wright had with Olivia and Megan .

Asia's FBI with the cooperation of America's FBI collaborated in apprehending Mr . Wright and his cronies before leaving the Country .

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However, Mr . Wright was brilliant and was able to escape . By the time FBI arrived at his home, Mr . Wright and all his cronies were all long gone on board a Cargo Ship bound for Asia .

Mr . Wright was standing on the deck of M/V Harmony on the way to Asia . The voyage would take forty-five days to arrive at their destination, and he would use that time to recuperate and plan well . [At least that's what he thought]


The day before the FBI arrives to apprehend Mr . Wright and his cronies, he received a warning from someone from the inside . He hurriedly changed his plan and ordered his assistant to contract a vessel to take him out of the Country .

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Jeff's team received the intel as well that Mr . Wright was looking for a vessel to contract to take him to Asia . He ordered to offer one of his vessel M/V Harmony and to replace all the crew with his elite team .

The plan was to let him enter Asia and apprehend everyone just as they step foot on the land . They needed Mr . Wright in Asia to be able to file charges against him for murdering Jeff's father . They have enough evidence to sentence him the death penalty, but that's not what Jeff wanted, Mr . Wright and Olivia needed to rot in prison for the rest of their lives .

Mr . Wright would be in for a big surprise when he set foot on the ground of Asia .

Jeff and his team would be waiting for him at the dock as he set foot on the ground with a big sign reading . "WELCOME TO HELL!"