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Chapter 225

While Jeff was busy setting a trap for Mr . Wright, Olivia and Megan were arranging all the things that Mr . Wright ordered them to prepare for his arrival .

Ethan arrived at the villa while Olivia was busy speaking to someone over the phone . "Make sure the car is bulletproof and tinted we need to be inconspicuous; we cannot alarm the enemy of his arrival . "

Olivia saw Ethan comes in, she waived at him and motioned to wait while she's finishing her conversation over the telephone .

Ethan sat down on the sofa across his mother; he's trying to make out who she's speaking with and what she's planning without being obvious .

Megan walked in holding a glass of cocktail sipping it slowly while she walks . Her face lit up when she saw Ethan . " You wouldn't believe what happened to us . " - She sat next to Ethan looking for comfort .

"That brother of yours is something else, would you believe he kicked us out of his office saying I might contaminate him with my bacteria? He also said we are stinking garbage, what a snob . " Megan pouted her lips like a spoilt child .

Ethan played along with Megan and comforted her with words she wanted to hear . "It's alright; it's how Jeff with everyone including me . Don't pay attention to him; he acts like that when he likes the person . "

Megan looked at Ethan to see if he's joking or telling the truth . "Are you sure? He sounded serious when he ordered that man Ronald to get rid of us . "

"Yes, I'm sure! He probably likes you, and that's his way of showing it to you . " Ethan said it with a straight face to ensure Megan believe him this time . However, deep inside his mind his thinking . 'He probably throwing up right now because of you . Hahaha! Not because of morning sickness . '

Olivia finished her conversation over the phone . "It's good that you're here, I need your help . I want you to prepare a villa for your Dad . Somewhere nearby, not too far from here . Can you do that?"

"Yes! Mother, I could do that, but I would need more information to provide the real estate agent . For instance, when is he arriving and how long does he plan on staying . " He asked calmly .

Olivia did not realize that Ethan was only fishing for information and has no plan on obtaining a villa for his enemy . Ethan was biting his tongue the whole time; he wanted to scream at his mother to shut up! But, he held it in, for the sake of revenge .

After getting as much information as he can, Ethan found an excuse so he could report everything back to Jeff .

"So, she's making all the preparation for him, what is wrong with her? I can't believe she gave birth to us, how I wish I could ignore that fact . Then it would be easy to get rid of her when the time comes . " Jeff's emotion was in the highest level of anger management; he needs to calm down for the sake of justice .

Jeff decided to invite Ethan for dinner; he knows how much he wanted to spend some time with Eva . Especially right now, Eva's been ignoring Ethan's call ever since Megan Wright arrived .

"Come to the house for dinner tonight, better bring the two boys with you so Eva could see them . Oh! Go ahead and bring the old man also, you know he would never let the boys go without him . "-Jeff has a crooked smile on his face from the thought of how his grandfather now cares about the two boys .

Jeff wishes he can now leave for home so he could tell Ann everything in person . Unfortunately, as a CEO of a big conglomerate, he has to abstain himself from going and finish the file of documents he has on his desk . Instead, he satisfies himself by calling his wife and listen to her sweet voice .

Ann, on the other hand, was not satisfied, "Lea, Eva, would you like to go with me to visit Mega Headquarters?" She knows they do, she only asked for the fun of seeing them get excited .

"Yes! Oh, yes!" Lea was the first to reply .

"If you don't mind taking as along, I would love too," Eva replied shyly to Ann while looking down instead of straight to Ann's face .

Ann saw this, and she decided to train Eva how to become confident in herself . "Eva look at me when someone asked you a question make sure to speak confidently or else people would walk all over you . You understand?"

"By the way, I meant to ask you of your plan . Whatever it is I'm here to help alright!" . Ann anxiously waited for Eva's reply .

"The truth of the matter is . . . " Eva was unable to continue; her phone started buzzing . "Cuz . Excuse me for a minute I need to take this call . " . Eva got up and looked for a more private area to speak to the person in the other line .