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Chapter 226

"Hello! Can I help you?" Eva answered the call irritably

Ethan didn't know what to say; he was excited that she answered his call . However, now that he heard the way she replied, he was speechless .

"If you have nothing to say, I'm hanging up," Eva said curtly .

"N-no! Please, don't hang up! " Ethan anxiously pleaded to Eva who's about to hang up the phone . Ethan heard her sigh and her slow breathing .

"If you have something to tell me, speak, or I'm hanging up . "

"Eva, did I do something wrong? It's been a couple of days already since we last saw each other, don't you missed me? I know I missed you terribly, that's for sure . "

Eva just listened and did not say a word, and it's making Ethan more anxious by the minute . "By the way, we're going there for dinner tonight, and I'm bringing the boys with me . "

Eva still hasn't replied, she just quietly listening to Ethan .

"Eva, are you listening? I said were coming over for dinner tonight, and . . . " Ethan didn't get to finish his words .

"I heard you the first time; if nothing else . . . - I got to go, they're waiting for me . Bye!" She was about to hang up when she heard Ethan saying . . . "Wait! Wait a damn minute . I'm not done speaking yet dammit!"

Eva was stunned, it's the first time she heard Ethan cursed . "Go ahead, speak!" Eva's voice was a little louder than her usual speech, and Ethan knows she's now upset .

"I only want to tell you t-that- I missed you, and I-I love you! that's all . " Ethan said it was almost whispering .

Eva felt a thinge of pain in her heart when she heard what Ethan said . Tears started forming in her eyes, and her voice started cracking . "I-I have to go; they have been waiting for me so we could leave . "

"That's it! Are you not even going to reply to my declaration? What's going on? Do you not love me anymore? Ahhhh!" Ethan's feeling frustrated for the way Eva's speaking towards him . He was about to say more when he heard, *tut . . . tut . . . tut . * The line was dead .

Eva couldn't handle it anymore; she needed to hang up, or else she might say something she would regret later . She knows it's not Ethan's fault, but she can't help that she's eating vinegar right now .

Meanwhile, Ethan's very upset and couldn't concentrate on the document in front of him . He couldn't understand what he did wrong for Eva to be angry at him . Everything was fine when they arrived from America, what had happened since then?

Ethan decided to put aside all the work in front of him; he couldn't concentrate anyway . He decided to leave home early and take care of the matter or else he wouldn't be able to do any work at all .

"I'm going home early; I have a family dinner to attend . Call me only if it's an emergency if you bother me for any other reason don't bother coming to work tomorrow do you understand?" Ethan ordered his temporary secretary and assistant then walked out of his office like the devil's chasing him .


On the way to Mega World Headquarters, Lea was chatting with Ann at the back seat while Eva sat quietly at the front passenger seat . She was in deep thought and did not realize that Ann was worriedly watching her the whole time .

Ann decided not to say anything in front of Lea . Even though Lea knows everything about her, Eva's a different matter .

They arrived at Mega World Headquarters in no time . The doorman recognizes Ann from before . He remembers her as an actress who was there to cancel the contract the last time .

He figures she's there for another issue . Instead of opening the door for the ladies, he just stood there like an idiot rooted to the ground . Ann's bodyguard came out of the other car and hurried up to open the door .

"What are you doing man? Are you blind or stupid? You know who's the car is this right?" The bodyguard rapidly asked the doorman a question while glaring at him .

Ann got out of the car and heard the whole one-sided conversation between her bodyguard and the doorman .

"It's alright! He doesn't have to open the door for us, that's why you're here right?" She jokingly told the bodyguard with smiled plastered on her face .

"Sorry, Boss lady! Yes! Your right, but he could have acknowledged you at least . " The bodyguard said bitterly, still glaring at the doorman .

"It's alright! No harm was done just let it go alright!" Ann sweetly told the bodyguard as she walked toward the revolving door .

Eva and Lea got out of the car as well and heard the whole conversation . Lea didn't like it one bit that the doorman was treating Ann like a stepchild . "Excuse me! What's your problem? Your the doorman and your job were to open the door . Why didn't you opened the door for your . . . "

Ann put her hand at Lea to stops her from continuing what she's about to say . She then shooked her head indicating -'No!' Lea listened and shut her mouth . But that did not stop her from giving the doorman a dirty look and a warning glance .

"You don't know who you're messing with, just wait and see once we get up there and you'll find out . " She mumbles as she walked by the doorman .

The doorman stopped them from walking in . "Excuse me, I need to know what's your business before I could let you enter . " He proudly informs the group .

Lea was going to say something, but Ann beat her to it . "We're here to see CEO Go . " She said with a smile on her face .

"Do you have an appointment?" The doorman asked curtly .

"Actually, I'm here to surprise him, he doesn't know I'm coming," Ann replied politely, but the irritation is now showing on her face .

The doorman was about to say something when they heard a voice from behind . "Well-well-well! If it isn't Miss Ann Wen, you're still in the Country? I thought you would be long gone by now . " Director Lim of Mega Entertainment asked sarcastically .

Ann turned around and looked at the man who just spoke, recognition dawn to her . It was the same man who was an a-hole the last time she was there to cancel her contract . 'Hmmm! - "I'm sorry! Do I know you?" She asked arrogantly .

Director Lim wasn't happy to hear the way Ann had spoken to him . "Hmph! If you don't remember me, oh well!"- He turned his attention to the doorman before speaking . "Since they don't have an appointment, you better not let them in or else . . . If you know what I meant . " He then walked ahead of them toward the elevator .

"You heard what the boss said unless you have an appointment I can't let you all in . " He then tried to push them away from the door .

"You better not lay your hand on her, unless you have a death wish . " The bodyguard warned the doorman who's about to push Ann out of the way .

Ann was quick to stop her bodyguard; she's afraid he might hurt him in the process . "It's alright! Let me make a call alright!" Ann took out her phone and face time Jeff . *Buzz-buzz-buzz*

Jeff was busy with all the document in front of him when he heard a buzzing sound coming from his phone . Once he saw that the call was coming from his wife, his face lit up like a light bulb . With a big grin on his face, he answered the face time . "Hi! Sweetheart! What's up?"

Ann put on a sad look on her face before she flipped the camera facing the doorman . "Honey! I'm outside of your building, and guess what?" was all Ann said, and the doorman already knows he's in big trouble .

Lea, Eva, and the bodyguard all have a wide grin on their faces while laughing out loud as they walked into the building .

"Someone is in deep shit! Hahaha!" Lea said out loud as she walks by in front of the doorman .

Eva just shook her head, while the bodyguard gives the doorman a look that could kill as they follow the boss lady walking proudly towards the elevator .