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Chapter 227
Director Lim was still waiting by the elevator when the group arrived . When he saw Ann's group, his brow raised then he smirked before speaking to Ann loud enough for everyone to hear .

"Well-well-well! How did you manage to get in?" He was looking her up and down as he continues to speak down on her . "I wonder how long of a string you pulled to be able to enter without an appointment, did you found someone from higher up to sponsor you?"

"Hmmm, I wouldn't be surprised since your a beauty . Hehehe!" He's acting like a pervert for the way he was speaking to Ann .

Ann had enough of his bantering, she decided enough is enough it's time to retaliate . "Excuse me? Who are you again? Ah' Director Lim of Mega Entertainment, right? I remember you now; you were the A-hole the last time I was here . " Ann sarcastically remarked .

"I'm surprised you're still with Mega Entertainment, a lecher like you should have been fired a long time ago . Well, let see what I can do to accommodate you this time . "

Director Lim was about to say something when a sound from the CEO's private elevator came *Ding!* Then it opened . . . - Walking out was Jeff with a big grin on his face after seeing his wife .

"Sweetheart! Why are you standing there? Only the employees use that elevator . " He hurriedly embraces and kissed his wife in front of everyone .

Director Lim was unable to move from where he was standing . He couldn't utter a word; he suddenly felt dizzy and unable to breathe . Sweat started forming on his forehead; he knows he's in deep shit now .

Lea, Eva, and the bodyguard were only watching with a grin on their face while looking at Director Lim who's about to have a heart attack .

Ann decided to use her acting skill, she pouted her lips then lay her head to Jeff's shoulder before whispering loud enough for Director Lim to hear . "Honey, didn't you promise that whatever I ask, you will give me?"

Jeff know something was wrong when he arrived, he didn't hear the conversation between them, but from the way Director Lim is now sweating bullets, he has an idea .

He smiled sweetly to his wife before replying . "Of course, sweetheart! Whatever you want, you get . Why don't we go up to my office first then tell me what it is alright!"

Ann acted; happily, she put on the sweetest smile she could conjure before turning to her group . "You guys heard it right?"

She then grabs her husband's hand and drags him towards the elevator . Once inside, she called out to her group . "What are you all waiting for; Let's go! You're not an employee here, can't use that elevator . " She banters loud enough for Director Lim to hear .

Everyone scrambled and followed Ann and Jeff inside the private elevator, leaving Director Lim still rooted to the ground sweating bullets and about to pass out .


Ronald was waiting in front of the private elevator when they arrived; Lea was so happy; she jumped on him without a care in the world . "Lea, there are people around . " He whispered to her ears .

"Do you think I care? Hahaha!" Lea gives Ronald a resounding kiss for everyone to see . Ronald's face turned scarlet red from embarrassment . They were lovey-dovey in front of the staff, not realizing that they were the topic of the day . All the secretaries that were single and hoping to catch Ronald's eye are now crying .

Eva and the bodyguard were ushers into a VIP waiting room . Jeff and Ann needed a private moment to themselves . Eva and the bodyguard were quick in the uptake; they don't need to be told .

Once Jeff and Ann were inside his office, he put his two hands on Ann's face he then asked what happened? At first, Ann was thinking of letting it go, but due to hormones inbalance for being pregnant . . . She was not as forgiving this time . She's going to get this man fired, whatever it takes .

Ann looks at Jeff with sadness in her eyes, tear's started forming and about to drop . She then told Jeff word for word what Director Lim said to her before and earlier . "That hurts my feeling you know . . . *Snip, snip, snip . *

Jeff was fuming after hearing it; Ann didn't even have to ask . Jeff made a call to the human resource . "Send him the memo now, tell him to clear his office right this minute . He's FIRED!!!"


Meanwhile, Eva and the bodyguard were quietly seating and waiting for Lea and Ann to return when suddenly the door burst open and Ethan came barging in . . . Face all red from eating vinegar .

"What is the meaning of this?" Ethan asked a little loud .