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Chapter 228
Ethan was overeating vinegar that he does not see things . The bodyguard and Eva were seating too far away from each other . On top of that, they barely spoke with one another the whole time they were in the VIP waiting room .

That's why both were shocked and speechless when Ethan barged in and asked stupid questions .

The bodyguard hurriedly got up and was going to explain, but Eva stopped him and asked him to step out for a minute so they could talk .

The bodyguard got the clue and left with a secret smile on his face, but before he went, he thought of something . "Eva, I'll be out the door if you need me, alright!" He then walked out chuckling to himself .

As soon as the bodyguard left, Eva gave Ethan the cold shoulder . She sat back down without saying a word; she wanted to see what he's going to say or do .

Ethan was still eating vinegar, he stood there waiting for Eva to say something, but she never spoke . A minute pass, he couldn't hold any longer . "What's going on? What's with the sudden silent treatment? We were doing fine when we arrive from America, what happened after that?" He keeps on asking a question, but not getting any answer .

After asking several questions but not getting a reply, he finally blew up . "EVA!!! Didn't you hear me asked you a question?" Ethan's growl .

"I heard you fine! You didn't have to yell!" Eva yelled back; she's now fuming mad as well .

Ethan yelled back," If you heard all my question, why didn't you answer?"

"Do I have to answer just because you asked? Who are you? God!" Eva then got up and about to walked out of the room . However, Ethan was very quick and was able to catch her in time .

He backed hug her very tightly so she couldn't get away . "You're not going anywhere until you tell me what's eating you right now . " He whispered into her ears . "Please!!! I need to know what did I do wrong to be able to correct my error . " He pleaded almost in tears .

Eva was going to retaliate, but the way Ethan was pleading, her heart couldn't take it . She started sobbing silently, then told Ethan everything why she's upset .

"Hahaha! Is that why you're mad at me? Because of Megan hugging me when she greeted me . Hahaha!" Ethan kissed Eva's hair before continuing, "She's my sister, well! Adopted sister anyway . We grew up together as brother and sister alright! There's nothing there to be jealous; there's no way in hell I will fall for that girl . " Ethan assured Eva while kissing her softly on her head .

He turned Eva around, so they were face to face . Ethan looks her in her eyes then spoke what's in his heart . "Eva Wen, you are the only woman in my heart . Since the day I meet you I had never looked at any other woman . I love you from the bottom of my heart; you understand that?" He then kissed her lips full of love, longing, and desire .

Eva melted in a heartbeat . Once Ethan touched her lips, she was a goner, good thing they were in a VIP room where no one can enter quickly . If not they would be in for an X-rated show .

They were getting hot and heavy when suddenly they heard people clapping their hands . Eva and Ethan stopped kissing and turned to looks .

Jeff, Ann, Ronald, Lea, and the bodyguard was standing there clapping their hand grinning .

Ethan glared at them, "This is absurd, can't we get any privacy here?" He asked angrily .

Jeff was the one who replied to his brother . "If we give you privacy, you might eat her alive . " He banters . "Give her a break alright! Hahaha!" He then slaps his brother on his shoulder .

Eva's face turned scarlet red from embarrassment; she can't look at everyone in the eye especially Ann . To make her feel at ease, Lea started joking . "Thank God, we came early enough, if not Ethan would have probably swallowed Eva whole the way he was kissing her . Hahaha! Poor innocent Eva . "