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Chapter 229

Eva's complexion turns back to normal after hearing Lea's joke . She was a little embarrassed at first, but after realizing it wasn't a big deal to be caught kissing; She felt much better, she's too naive in terms of relationships . Ethan's is the first of many things .

Ann wanted to make Eva feel at ease as well, "Honey, who are you to talk to your brother about privacy . . . Remember when Ronald and Lea caught us making out in a Karaoke bar?" Hahaha! "That was a sight to be seen . " She finished telling everyone while looking at Eva's reaction .

Eva was shocked by Ann's revelation . "You guys, were serious? Oh my God! In a Karaoke bar?" She looks at Jeff who's turning red by the minute; she then looks at Ethan .

Ethan so happens to be looking at his brother with a wide grin on his face . That's all Eva needed before she started cracking up and laugh out loud . Everyone joined in with the laughter except for Jeff who's too embarrassed about the whole thing .

Ann realizes that Jeff was not happy being the subject of ridicule, she had to improvise to lightened the mood .

She put her arms around his waist and snuggle to his chest before turning her head up to face Jeff while her lips were pucker asking for a kiss .

"Ummm!" She pointed her puckered lips towards his lips; everyone was holding their breath to see what Jeff was going to do . Ann's heartbeat was going one hundred miles per hour from anticipation . *Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud . *

Jeff could hear Ann's heartbeat, he knows she's doing it to give him face, and he loves her more for that . He cups his wife's small face pulled it towards him then kissed her deeply in front of everyone .

"Oh! My God!!!, Oh! My God!! Oh! My God!!" Was all Lea could say, while everyone started cheering the couple .

It was a very long deep kiss, and Ann was out of breath by the time Jeff lifted his lips from hers . "Ummm! Shows over lets all head home, so . . . we could continue this in private . " Jeff smilingly told everyone . "Hahaha!" His laughter was loud enough for all of his employees to hear .


In the meantime, Sophia and Albert Tan found out that Grandma Tan and Grandpa Go would be having dinner at Jeff and Ann's home . Sophia called Ann right away, "this is not fair, how come you only invited grandma and grandpa, what about us?" She said it like she's having a tantrum .

Ann was at lost for she has no idea that they were to have company for dinner . However, to appease her mother's tantrum, she invited them to come as well . Ann could hear her father's voice from the background . "Hurry up! We don't want to be late; she said we could come, let's go!"

"Alright! I'm coming; I'm coming! Let me put my shoes first, oh! Where's my purse? How about my cellphone? " Sophia was so excited, that she's acting like a child who was allowed to go out and play . "Wait for me!!!" She yells at Albert who's already on the way out to the car . Sophia has one shoe on while holding the other pair in her hand, running after Albert .

Once they were inside the car on the way to Jeff's mansion, Sophia finally took a breather . "You're so mean you know that . When it comes to your daughter, you forget the mother . Hmpt!" She scolded her husband who's for the first time decided to drive himself .

The driver had already gone home for the day, and it would take at least an hour for him to come back . Therefore, Albert decided to drive them instead . He was concentrating on his driving, it had been a very long time since he drove a car and the traffic was horrible .

The drive that supposed only to take them less than an hour had made them over two hours . By the time they arrive, Albert was already frustrated and very upset . Once he parked the car, he throws the key to Sophia . "Call the driver to come here and take us home later . Never again!" He yelled while walking into the house .

Ann was in the kitchen overseeing the dinner preparation . She didn't know her father and mother had arrived . The butler ushered them to the parlor where everyone was having a cocktail before dinner .


Ann found out that Jeff had invited the whole family for dinner, she hurriedly informs the Butler of the situation and asked for his guidance . "Mr . Butler, we are at your mercy, please! take care of everything . What else do I need to do, can you help me please?" Ann pleadingly asked Mr . Butler .

"Young missus, please! don't fret, it's nothing . Leave it to me, and I will make sure that everything is ready when they arrive . " He proudly informs Ann .

"Thank you! I'm off to the kitchen then . " Ann happily walks towards the kitchen to speak with the chef about the menu for dinner .

The chef was so excited once he heard about the dinner party their having . With only Jeff and Ann to take care off, he doesn't have much to do but practice, practice, and more practice . Now he could create some delicious delicacies for everyone to enjoy . The atmosphere in the kitchen was harmonious; everyone was happily working while chatting with each other .

Once Ann saw that everything was in order, she decided to leave everything into the hand of the chef and the butler .

Ann went to the parlor to check if everyone had arrived . She stands there looking at her family enjoying themselves . She couldn't help but tear up a little, thinking about the past and the present .

Suddenly her husband came and back hug he, "What's with the sad look on your face? Are you unhappy about something? Do you not want to have dinner with them?" Jeff's concern after seeing the sad look on Ann's face .

"Tell me; I will kick them all out right now if you don't want them here?"

"Hahaha! No-no-no! I was not sad; I was only thinking of something . Hahaha!" Ann turns around and gives Jeff a big hug and sweet loving kiss before pulling him towards everyone in the parlor .