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Chapter 23

They meet up in a secluded place . Ann wants to be around people; she doesn't want to be alone with Jeff . Even though Jeff insisted that she come to his hotel for privacy, she declined with the excuse of her and his identity . (It's funny because they are still husband and wife, so what identity is she talking about, him as CEO and she in the entertainment industry?) Nevertheless, Jeff agreed .

At the secluded place ( Restaurant VIP room) Ann layout her reply to Jeff in the form of contract .

A contract between Party A & Party B

1) I Ann Wen agrees to stay married to Mr, Jeff Go for the duration of . . . (blank)

2) During this time I'm allowed to continue with my career without question .

3) Mr . Jeff Go will not in any way interfere with my schedule and job .

4) During the time I'm in the entertainment industry, he cannot announce our marriage to the public

( until further notice)

5) We will have separate dwelling ( but have access to each other places)

6) Will only consummate during the time that I'm in safe mode ( unless contraceptive is available at the time)

7) consummation is by appointment only!

After reading the contract that Ann layout to him, Jeff almost laugh out loud . He thought it was cute; it doesn't matter what she asks or written, he will give it to her as long as she stayed married with him . "Where do I sign?" Jeff asked nonchalantly .

Ann " . . . "

After contract signing, Ann kept one and hand one to Jeff . Once Jeff put it away, he sat next to Ann and grabbed her face and kissed her lightly on her forehead, then her eyes, then the tip of her nose, both side of her cheek and then her lips . Jeff tilted her face, looked in her eyes then said " I love you! Mrs . Jeff Go" .


When Ann told Lea about Jeff's proposal, Lea was so happy that she forgot to inform Ann of the deal she made in her recent business trip in A Country . She signed an endorsement as a spokesperson of one of the biggest empire in the Country . The contract is for indefinite years, what is she going to do now?

On the other side of town, Ann was also worried about how she is going to explain to her Manager/friend that she will need to move to Asia . She feels terrible for Lea; she was working hard to get her endorsement, now she might have to cancel the contract . The fee for breaking the deal is not a problem; her rich husband can pay for it . 'his the one that wanted her to move there . what worries her more is her friend's feelings may get heartbroken .

When she got back at their apartment after meeting Jeff, Lea was sulking in the kitchen table spacing out . She has a spoon in one hand flipping back and forth while keep sighing . She didn't even realize Ann was back until someone bangs her hand in the table . "What are you thinking so seriously? Ann asks with a concerned look .

"Oh! Your back! how's the meeting went?" Lea asked absentmindedly . "It's fine!" Lea looked at her friend, " spit it out! I don't think it's fine the way you cannot look into my eye, your hiding something!" Ann hand Lea the contract then turn and rushed to her room .

Lea read the sheet of paper Ann handed her . Once she finished got up so quick that she almost tripped . She runs to Ann's room yelling, "what's the meaning of this? Your joking right? You can't do this girlfriend! Do you know what I had to go through to get you that endorsement?"

Lea was distraught, she then continued: "Contract had been signed, where are we going to get the money to pay for penalties? On top of that, this is your break, the one you've been waiting for Ann . To become famous and shows that Mother of yours remember ?" Lea said it with tears .