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Chapter 230
The couple slowly walked in on everyone who was busy chit-chat-ing . Grandpa Go seating on the sofa while having a conversation with Albert Tan, Ethan, Oldman Ron and Ronald about some business matter . While the ladies, where busy talking about the impending marriage of Ann, Jeff and possibly followed by Ronald & Lea or Ethan and Eva .

Don-Don and Bentong were playing games at their new iPods . Ethan had given it to them as "Pasalubong" [a gift] from America . Since the day they received the iPod, the only time they were not on it, as when they were asleep .

If an outsider were looking at the atmosphere in the parlor, no one would think that there's danger lurking around the corner waiting to attack . Everything seems fine, one big happy family gathered together .

However, there's always someone who will not be satisfied unless they can make others miserable as they are, and that's Olivia and Megan Wright .

Speaking of the two evils, just as everyone was having a happy moment . Olivia and Megan decided to visit the couple without notice, not knowing they have company once again .

Fortunately, Jeff had ordered the security guards never to let them in if they were ever comeback .

Olivia and Megan did not make it past the security guards, they were turned away as fast as they came . Olivia was having none of it; she instantly called Jeff . *Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz . * However, all she got was, *Tut, tut, tut, tut . * It looks like Jeff answered then hangs up . That only made Olivia much more pissed than she already is, but there's nothing she can do at the moment .

Olivia and Megan have no choice but to turned around and go back home . They need to make a concrete plan; the only way was to involve Ethan . Olivia thought Ethan was working late; she asked the taxi driver to take them to Wen's corporation .

However, they found out that Ethan had left a long time ago and had ordered not to be bothered unless it's emergency . Olivia called Ethan, 'I'm an emergency, Ethan better answers my call, or he would get it when I see him . ' She thought while waiting for Ethan to answer her call .

Hold and behold, Ethan decided against his will to answer his mother's call . Jeff had ordered him, in case it has something to do with Mr . Wright .

"Hello, mother! Did you call? What's up, I'm quite busy at work right now . " Ethan lied, not knowing his mother was making the call right at his office .

"Ethan Wright! Since when did you ever learn to lie to me? I know that you're not working right now, why would you tell me your busy at work?" Olivia was yelling at the other end of the line .

Ethan covers the mouthpiece of the phone and spoke to Jeff whispering . "Busted!" She knows I'm not at work; I wonder how she knows . " He mumbles to himself more or less .

Jeff made a call to Ethan's temporary assistant . "Tell me, is my mother at the office right now?" He asked sternly .

"Yes! sir, she's here wanting to see CEO Wright, and she wanted me to contact him for her sake . When I refused, she decided to use the office desk phone since CEO Wright would not answer her call no matter what . " The assistant informs Jeff .

"All right! stall her there as long as you can, CEO Wright will be right over . Oh! and you better not do me wrong, you hear me?" Jeff threatened the assistant .

"Yes, Sir!" The assistant then went back to the office to calm and stall Olivia as long as he can, as per Jeff ordered .

Thirty minutes later, Ethan arrives running like the devil himself was chasing him . As soon as she walks in his office and went to greet his mother . *Pak-Pak!* A couple of slap on his face was the greeting he received from his mother .

"WTF!!! MOTHER!!!" Was all Ethan could say before he turned around and left without a word to Megan who's stunned and speechless for what Olivia had done .

The assistant was in the same boat as Megan . However, since his temporary boss had left, he decided to leave as well . He grabs his belonging, and once he's ready . "I'm sorry! but I was about to go home when you came, now that you had seen CEO Wright, I advise you to leave or else . "

The assistant ushered Olivia and Megan out of the office, then locked the office door right in front of Olivia and Megan's face . Once he's satisfied, he yells at the security guard to escort Olivia and Megan out of the building .

Olivia was not having any of it, she's the mother of their CEO . Who were they to kick her out, she was not about to leave and started kicking a fuss . But in the long run, they were still dragged out of the building and locked out no matter how much she screams and yelled .

"ETHAN WRIGHT!!! YOUR SON OF A B-TCH" Olivia loudly yelled .

Ethan did not leave the building and heard every word Olivia loudly yells for everyone to hear .

"Oh! Mother, at least you got something right . I'm a son of a 'B-TCH' because that's what you are a 'B-TCH' . Ethan mumbles to himself as he made his way out the back door of the building .