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Chapter 231
While everyone at Jeff's mansion was having a wonderful time, Olivia and Megan had their worst nightmare . After getting kicked out of the Wen's Corporation and locked outside the building, it started pouring rain . The two was standing outside waiting for a taxi soaked and wet like a little mother and daughter rats .

"Mother! Why did you have to slap bother Ethan, now we have no ride home and were locked out right here in the pouring rain . Brrrr! It's cold! Hatchew!" Megan started sneezing and was shaking due to being soaked and wet from the cold rain .

"Well! It's too late now, it's over and done . Let's do our best to get a taxi before we get sick . " Olivia's face still showing anger and ready to kill as she speaks to Megan who's acting like a spoilt child .


Ethan made it back to Jeff's mansion in time for the dinner . His face still has the mark from Olivia's slap, and Jeff was the first one to see it . He pulled him in the study to find out what had happened .

"That mother of ours is something else, I was about to greet her, and this is what she did to me . So, I turned around and left them without a word . " Ethan told Jeff angrily .

"Tks . . . Tks . . . Tks! I feel sorry for you little brother, to have lived with a woman like that all these years . "

"That's nothing compare to what she had done in the past . You're pretty lucky that she had left you to be raised by grandpa, at least you knew what it felt like to have a family . " Ethan said bitterly .

Jeff gives Ethan a brotherly hug to comfort him . "Come on, let's go be with our family . " He then patted him on his back before heading towards where everyone was having a wonderful time .

The night went smoothly after Ethan's encounter with Olivia . The dinner was superb; the chef has outdone himself with delicacies . He was over the moon with praises from everyone, especially from the couple .

After dinner, they all went to the parlor to play some games and chit-chat some more . When it was time to go home, Ethan doesn't want to leave Eva's side . Given a choice, he wishes the night would not end .

Unfortunately, no matter how much he wishes it to be, he still had to leave and go back to grandpa Go's home to an empty room and dream of his future with Eva .


The day finally arrived, M/V Harmony was to reach the dock that evening . Mr . Wright had been in contact with Olivia and Megan the whole time . Each time they would dock somewhere, he would send his cronies to get a sim card with prepaid air time .

During the sea voyage, Mr . Wright and his cronies never known that everyone on board the vessel was Jeff's Elite Team Members except for the Captain and the Chief Eng . of the ship .

Jeff had ordered to give them VIP treatment during the voyage, they cannot be suspicious no matter what or the plan would fail .

The cronies enjoyed the VIP treatment they were receiving from the crew, they would eat and drink to the extent that they would all pass out from drunkenness almost every day and night throughout the voyage .

Therefore, it was not surprised for them when a special dinner was prepared on the day of their arrival .

The Elite team leader continued getting orders from Jeff through a satellite phone call . All was prepared, they only need to dock, and Mr . Wright and his cronies would be history . At least that was Jeff, and his team had planned .

However, Mr . Wright is a brilliant person; he figured out that the crew was not a seaman . During one of his drunken stupor, he caught a glimpse of the Elite team leader having a conversation with one of the crew, and he secretly listened . That's when he heard about the plan to drugging them on the day they arrive in Asia .

Mr . Wright made sure not to be conspicuous; he acted all drunk and sleepy after eating dinner .

The Elite team leader had no idea that Mr . Wright and his cronies know their true identity . They turned the table around on them . . .