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Chapter 232

Mr . Wright thought he's outsmarting the enemy, what he didn't know was . . . -It was part of the plan that Jeff ordered them to implement . They divulge their true identity to make them wary and concentrate on disposing them before arrival at the dock . This way, they would not be prepared for the counterattack that's waiting for them upon arrival .

Sure enough, Mr . Wright had put all of his effort and planning at getting rid of the Elite team members, he had forgotten about the people that would be waiting for them when they arrive in Asia .

While the chief cook was cooking, one of the Mr . Wright gang members sneaked in and sprinkled some sleeping powder to the food when no one was watching . [ At least he thought no one was watching . ]

As soon as the gang members left, one of the elite team members hurriedly dumped all the food that was sprinkled with sleeping powder . He then brought out the hidden batch of food identical to the one that was spiked to be served . Mr . Wright and his cronies were watching the whole time making sure that everyone had their fill of the spiked food .

The food was served to all the elite team members that were acting as a crew of M/V Harmony . Less than an hour later, everyone was all [supposedly] sleeping soundly in their cabin; except for the Captain of the vessel and one Abled Body who's maneuvering the ship into the channel .

Everything was going according to the planned, the Pilot of the vessel arrived at the anchorage to bring in the ship to the dock . Once they were in one-mile marker, the customs official boarded the craft as well it's a procedure to clear any vessels for entry at any port of call .

Customs official already knows Mr . Wright's true identity . However, for the plan to work they must act innocent while checking the landing documents of all the passenger and all the crews on board M/V Harmony .

Customs officer started checking, first one they checked were Mr . Wright and his cronies; everyone passed as planned . The officer issued them their landing permit without delay . This had made Mr . Wright's day; he has a big grin plastered on his way . He was afraid that they would find an issue with his fake documents, and he was sweating bullets as the officer checked .

Next to be checked would be all the crew of the vessel, but none was around, and the customs officer wasn't too happy . "Where's all your crew?" The customs officer asked the Captain of the ship innocently .

The Captain was already briefed ahead of time . Therefore he played along and called on the radio . "Chief Mate, It's the Captain, where's all the crew? Over!" However, it was dead silence at the other end of the radio call .

The Captain ordered the AB to check on everyone without delay . "Go see what's going on, I can't believe they left their post, and no one's on guard right now . "

"Yes, Captain!" The AB rushed and left to check on everyone .

A couple of minutes later, he came back empty-handed with a worried look on his face . He went straight to the Captain, then whispered . "Captain there's a problem, everyone's sound asleep . I couldn't wake-up anyone no matter how hard I shook them . "

"What do you mean all are sleeping?" The Captain acted surprised and was screaming at the AB .

"Sir! If you don't believe me, why don't you come along and check it for yourself . " The AB retorted back to the Captain .

The Captain got up, "Mr . Officer, If you'll excuse me, I'm going to check and see what's going on . I will be right back, not more than a minute . " He's acting all agitated and worried for Mr . Wright and everyone to see .

The Customs officer nodded with agreement and continued going through the documents in front of him with a frown on his face . This had made Mr . Wright a little nervous and started sweating; he was afraid he would be found out . He decided to be out of sight of the Customs officer, "Sir! If I'm finished, may I go with the Captain to see if I could be of help . " He anxiously requested and waited for the officer to reply .

When the Customs officer agreed, Mr . Wright hurriedly followed the Captain of the vessel toward the cabin area of the ship . Sure enough, the AB was telling the truth, everyone was sound asleep, and it looks like they were drugged in the process . 'How hard could it be to wake up a person if they were not under the influence of any kind?' That was the conclusion the Captain came up with to explain to the customs officer .

Mr . Wright was secretly smiling to himself . It's what he wanted to see; he needed to make sure that no one could stop them from embarking . The elite team that Jeff had put on board the vessel are all expert, and if they were awake, it would be hard to fight with them on the way out .

The Captain and Mr . Wright went back to the dining hall where the customs officer was jotting down something on the paper in front of him . He looked up to the two men coming with curiosity .

"I apologize, but it seems that all my crew was drugged and sound asleep . For whatever reason I'm not sure, I would need to do some investigations, it seems someone had played a joke on them .

What should we do about this situation?" The Captain asked innocently, showing concern on his face while waiting for the officer to reply .

"I tell you what, everyone that had received their documents and were cleared for landing, they could go ahead and leave if they want too . Especially the passengers, there's no need for them to stick around . " The officer emphasizes the word 'leave' louder than usual .

"So, You-you-and you! All of you are clear to go, you may leave if you wanted too . " He pointed to Mr . Wright and his cronies .

Mr . Wright was all smile once he heard the word they could leave . "Thank you!" He then went as fast as he can with a smirked on his face . All thought coming to his mind; the first is how he would make sure the Jeff and his family get what's they deserv .

"Ready or not, here I come! CEO Go and your family, be prepared for WWW-III" He mumbles to himself as he was walking down the gangway of the ship toward the dock where Jeff's and all the Authority waiting for him to step foot on the ground .


Meanwhile, the trap were all set for Mr . Wright and all of his cronies . Jeff, Ethan, and Ronald were positioned behind one of the cargo containers at the dock . On the other side where the Port Authority, Police crime prevention team headed by officer Garcia . Lastly at the other side of the pier is where the FBI version of Asia . The whole dock covered everywhere; there's no place in the earth and no way in hell that Mr . Wright would be able to scape this time .

The plan was to apprehend him and all his gang members as they set foot at the ground .

Mr . Wright walked down the gangway, as soon as he stepped foot on the ground, the Port Authority along with the Police was there waiting for him . "Mr . Wright! You are under arrest for the murder of . You have the right . . .

*BANG, BANG, BANG!* A gun was fired . . .