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Chapter 233
A loud sound of a gun firing was heard, then they saw someone falling into the water from the deck of M/V Harmony .


"Man overboard! Man overboard!" Someone from the deck of M/V Harmony was yelling .

Mr . Wright who's about to be apprehended quickly pushed Officer Garcia towards the Port Authority officer, and they both fell at the ground . He and his cronies that was already at the dock started running towards the maze of containers that was at the pier .

Officer Garcia quickly got up and started running after them while calling for back-up . "His going towards your direction, make sure to block him and don't him get away . " He was talking to the FBI that was hiding behind rows of containers .

"Copy that!" The leader of the FBI replied, he then gives the order to his men to make sure the exits at that part of the port were closed and stand guard .

Mr . Wright doesn't know where he was heading; he kept on running without looking behind; When Mr . Wright saw a chemical truck that was about to leave, he waited until it was almost at the gate and had stopped for inspection .

The guard checked the outer area of the chemical truck with what seems to be a long metal detector with a round mirror . Once satisfied that there's no one under the chemical truck, he went back into the guardhouse to open the gate .

That's all the time that Mr . Wright needed to be able to go under the truck and hide, he was able to escape at the pier without a trace .


In the meantime, Jeff, Ethan, and Ronald heard the gunshot and checked what had happened . What they saw was chaos, the Police were chasing gang members that were trying to escape . One by one they were able to capture them and was put to the ground face down .

Jeff's bodyguard went to scout the area to make sure it safe before they let him go near the dock . Ethan and Ronald walked in both side of Jeff while a bodyguard at his front and back, he's protected in every direction .

Once they reach the area where all the captured men were laying face down on the ground, Jeff checked to see if Mr . Wright was among them . Once he realized that Mr . Wright was not among them, his face turns red from anger .

"Where is he?"-Jeff pulled every man's faces to check . - "He's not among them . " He told the officer that was guarding them .

The officer didn't know who Jeff was looking for; he was looking at him entirely at lost for word . "I'm sorry, CEO Go, but I don't have any idea who are you looking for right now . "

"I'm looking for their leader, Mr . Wright; he's not here . "

"You won't be able to find him; I think he was able to escape . " Officer Garcia said from behind . He's still out of breath from running after Mr . Wright .

"Enlighten me? How did he manage to escape? You're supposed to apprehend him as soon as he set foot on the ground . What happened?" Jeff asked irritably .

Officer Garcia scratches his head and embarrassingly informed Jeff that he had lost Mr . Wright when the commotion started .

"I'm sorry, it happened too quick, we heard a gunshot from above, and while I wasn't paying attention, he took that opportunity to pushed me into the ground and ran off so fast into the dark . " Officer Garcia embarrassingly informed Jeff of his mistake .

"God have mercy on us, you let a criminal loose and probably on the way to get revenge with my family now . " -Jeff turned his attention to Ethan and Ronald, -" Let's go! He could be on the way to meet with our mother .

Jeff, Ethan, and Ronald didn't even bother to find out what had happened above the deck of M/V Harmony . Someone was shot to death and had fallen into the water . A helicopter was circling the dock with a spotlight, while a small boat was on the water searching around the ship .

Thing's didn't go the way they wanted it to be, Mr . Wright was able to escape, and for sure he would be contacting Olivia sooner or later . They needed to keep an eye on Olivia and Megan, even if he has to do it himself .

Jeff contacted Ann as soon as he was inside the car . "Were on the way home right now, the mission had failed, and Mr . Wright was able to escape . We need to get you all to a safe place where he won't be able to touch you . Get ready and will fly out tonight . " Jeff didn't give Ann any chance to question him; he hangs up as soon as he finished giving his order to get ready .


"Was that Jeff? Did they catch that son of a bitch, Mr . Wright? I hope they did; he needs to rot in jail . " Grandpa Go asked curiously .

However, instead of replying to grandpa Go's question, Ann got up and spoke . "Listen, everyone! The mission had failed, and we might be in danger . Therefore, Jeff arranged to fly out of the Country tonight . Everyone get ready, will be leaving as soon as they arrive . " Eva and Lea got up in a hurry to help Ann get ready .

Grandpa Go ordered Old Ron to prepare everything needed for the children; he then contacted Grandma Tan to asks her if she would like to tag along . Albert Tan heard the conversation between the elders and decided to take the opportunity to bond with her daughter .

"Mother, tell them we want to come as well, no one knows what Mr . Wright was capable of doing . He has a lot of contact in Asia, and he could easily arrange to get us all killed . " Albert said it with concern showing on his face .

Sophia hurriedly contacted her manager to cancel all appointments and shows she have in her schedule . "Make an excuse that I'm still not ready to come back into the limelight yet . I would let you know when I come back . " After hanging up, she hurriedly packed and was ready in a heartbeat .


A couple of hours later, inside the private jet of Mega World on the way to Hawaii were Ann, Eva, Lea, Sophia, Albert, Grandpa Go, Grandma Tan, Old Ron, Don-Don and Bentong .

Jeff explained to them the reason why they have to leave and why they had to stay . Without further ado, everyone went on board the private Jet without hesitation . It's a must for them to leave to be able for the men to fight the battle without having to worry about the women and elders .

" Don't worry! This time I will take care of him . An eye for an eye, and when this is over we would follow . " Jeff explained to Ann; he then kissed her soundly before ushering her inside the plane .

Ann kissed her husband so sweetly before whispering into his ears . " When this is over, we will hold our wedding as soon as possible alright?" She then smiled the sweetest, "Honey, be careful ok! I love you, go get him!"