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Chapter 234

Jeff went to the cockpit of the private jet to speak with the pilots, " My whole family is in your hand, get them safe to Hawaii, and I will reward you both handsomely . However, screw this up, and I will make sure we go to hell together, you got that?"

The pilot and co-pilot looked straight at Jeff without blinking .

" Copy that CEO Go! We understand clearly . "

"Roger! CEO Go Will make sure the Boss lady arrives safely . " The pilot told Jeff teasingly with a wide grin on his face .

Jeff was satisfied after hearing his assurance, he bid them goodbye and went back inside to speak with the bodyguards that are flying with them .

He gives the same warning to the bodyguards, more sternly this time since they are there to protect them with their lives .

Finally, Ethan said his goodbye to Eva, Granpa Go, and the two boys who're sitting nervously and scared stiff . It's the first time in their young life to fly and Granpa Go and Eva trying to calm them down .

Ronald said his goodbye to Lea and his parents; It was very kind enough of Granpa Go to include his mother as well, that gives him peace of mind and Lea would have time to bond with his parents .

Everyone finished saying their goodbyes, Jeff, Ethan, and Ronald were hesitant to let them go, but their safety comes first . The most important matter now is to take care of the evil Mr . Wright so they could follow and join them in Hawaii .

Once the private jet had taken off, the three men need to go work . Their mission is to catch Mr . Wright, and this time they would do it themselves . Dead or alive, they would capture him this time, and if they need to go to hell to get him, it's fine too .

" Let's go pay a visit to that person," Jeff ordered the two who are still standing rooted to the ground watching the private jet disappeared into thin air .

Jeff headed toward the car with determination . He knows Mr . Wright would contact Olivia or Megan and he needs to find a way for someone to be around when the time comes .

Inside the car on the way to the Villa Jeff was in deep thought trying to figure out something . He couldn't believe that Mr . Wright was able to escape so easily . All of his cronies were captured without a hitch, but he was able to run away in a blink of an eye .

"Someone's working with him; there's got to be a mole among those officers that are working with us, who could it be?" Jeff mumbles loud enough for Ethan who's driving and Ronald who's seating at the front passenger seat .

"Eh? Hmmm, I think I got it!" Ronald exclaim .

Ethan: "Hmmm?"- Still thinking who it could be?

"Stop mumbling and tell me who you think it is?" Jeff yells at Ronald smoke coming out of his nostril .


Mr . Wright was in so much pain after escaping . It was an ordeal to hold on to the bar under the chemical truck . He wasn't under the chemical truck for too long; it was only until it was safely outside the gate .

Once the chemical truck was outside the gate out of the view of the port authority office, he let himself fell and was bruised along the way . Now his in so much pain with many bruises in his body, but he felt it's worth it since he was able to escape .

Luckily he was smart enough not to crash or break the cellphone inside his suits . Once he was safely away from the port, he made a call to Olivia to get some assistant .

Olivia was seating by the pool relaxing, she did not hear or saw her phone buzzing . Therefore, Mr . Wright had no choice but to hang up and tries his daughter Megan this time .

*Bzzz, bzzz,bzzz . * Mega answered the phone right away . She knows her father's in trouble; she was watching the news and heard about his escape .

"Hello! Dad! Are you right? Are you alright? Where are you?" Megan asked the question simultaneously .

"I'm at this place, come and get me and take me to a secured place . I'm a wanted man right now, and I can't let them catch me . " Mr . Wright informs Megan angrily .

Megan felt so sorry for her father, but what can she do? She's not familiar with the area; she needed Olivia's help .

While Megan was on the phone, she went towards the poolside to inform Olivia who's lounging without a care in the world . She's starting to feel hatred to her ex-stepmother who only cares about herself . 'It's one of the reasons her father had divorced this woman, and she knows it . ' Megan thought to herself as she approaches Olivia .

However, Megan still needed Olivia's help for the sake of her father who's on the run . 'Once her father is safe and out of reach, she would give a piece of her mind and kick her to the curve as her father did .

Before she arrives in front of Olivia, she conjured the sweetest smile she could then . . . -"Mother, Dad's on the phone, he's been trying to call you . "- She told Olivia as she was handing the phone .

Olivia removes the sunglasses on her face, looks at Mega with surprisingly before reaching for the phone . " Honey! I'm sorry, I was out by the pool and didn't hear the phone ring . " Her voice sounds too cringy for Megan to listen also . She moves away from Olivia a little further, so she doesn't have to listen to their conversation .

"This woman is too annoying, how in the hell did my father end up marrying her? I'm really at lost . " Megan mumbles as she was situating herself into one of the lounge chairs .

In the meantime, Jeff, Ethan, and Ronald was standing not too far away and heard everything .