Published at 13th of August 2019 10:51:09 PM
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Chapter 235
Jeff, Ethan, and Ronald arrived at the Villa with purpose . No matter what, they will get to the bottom of the mess that Mr . Wright and Olivia had created a long time ago .

Megan was getting herself situated and about to lay down in one of the benches by the pool when her eyes caught three men standing and staring at Olivia with intent to kill .

"Mother!"-Megan called, to get Olivia's attention . -"We have company, Mother!!!"

Olivia looked at the direction Megan was pointing her mouth . When she saw who had arrived, she hurriedly hangs up the phone without a proper goodbye .


Mr . Wright had an idea of what happened; he heard Megan voice calling Olivia's attention . Therefore, he decided to wait; he's sure once she finished her business whoever it is, Olivia would be contacting her back . All he has to do is hide and wait patiently .

Mr . Wright looks around where he's at, recognition dawn to him and his face lit up, this was his old hang out, he knows the area from the back of his mind . If he remembers correctly, a mile from where he's at, there was an old abandoned building . He could hide there temporarily until Olivia and Megan come to fetch him .

He started walking toward the direction of the old abandoned building, and he had to be inconspicuous . He doesn't want anyone seeing him and recognizing him in the process .

He's pretty sure, by now his face was plastered in every news as the most wanted criminal . Ceo Go would make sure of that, and he doesn't want to take the chance of getting caught .

The alley was dark, and for an average person, it could be scary . However, not for Mr . Wright who's a leader of the underworld . For him, it's a piece of cake anyone that would run across him in a dark alley might be the one to have a heart attack . Especially for the way he looks at the moment, he's disarray from head to toe .

Due to the fall from under the truck, he's staggering as he was walking . He's legs received some cuts and bruises and so as his arms and back . His usually excellent appearance disappeared after that fall from under the track .

After what it seems to be forever, he saw a building ahead of him . His tired looking face lit up, 'a little bit more and he would be able to rest until Olivia and Megan come and get him . ' At least that was what's on his mind, what he didn't know was; Other gangs had occupied the facility, and they don't like an intruder .

Mr . Wright went to the back of the building and looks for an entrance . Due to the darkness, he didn't realize that someone had been watching her the whole time .

He saw what it seems to be a window opening, he lifted it and poked his head to look around inside the dark building . Due to his eyesight not being perfect 20/20 he overlooked seeing rows of people laying down sleeping on the ground .

He was about to squeeze his body into the opening of the window when someone hit him in his head, and he was knocked out cold, then someone carried him inside the building .

Once he was inside the building, they sat him in a chair then tied him up before splashing him with a bucket of dirty water .

"To hell with you! Don't you know who I am?" Mr . Wright yells at the person who pours the bucket of water on him .