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Chapter 236
"Please! Tell me who you are so we can request a ransom to your family . Hahaha!" He then punches him hard to his face and blood splattered all over the place .

Mr . Wright face had turned into fury, but there's nothing he could do since he's all tied up . He thought of something to gain their attention . "I'm a member of Go family if you want money I can give you whatever you want . However, you will need to keep me in good shape, or they would not pay you a penny . You understand!"

"Go family? Are you talking about the Mega World Group, Go family?" The leader was looking at him curiously assessing him from head to toe .

"Yes!-Yes!-Yes! I'm with that Go family, can't you tell from the way I look, I might be in disarray but let me assure you, I came from money . "

"Oh! Really! You came from money, and you're from that big conglomerates, but then yet, we found you trying to sneak in . Who are you kidding, hahaha!" He then punches him some more . *Pow!* More blood splattered .

The leader was about to hit him again, but Mr . Wright stopped him . "Stop! Alright, I'm not with them, but I have a way of getting money from them . My wife is the mother of the CEO of Mega World Intl . you could ask her for ransom . "

"Your wife? That makes you the step-father then, but you still haven't answered my questions as to why are you trying to sneak in when we found you?"

Mr . Wright had to think quick, or he might get punched again . 'What would this idiot believe, should I tell the truth or should I lie? Think!' He was thinking deeply when *Pow!* and then *Thud* The leader has punched him again then kicked, and Mr . Wright went flying with the chair underneath him .

"The one thing I hate the most where liers if you would have told me the truth from the get-go, I would have been a little nicer and only hit you . But you pissed me off, so you got kicked in the process . "

The leader of the gang, motioned to his cronies to help Mr . Wright back up . He was lifted with the chair still attached and was put down in front of the leader once again .

"Now! Be straight with me and let see if I believe you . "

Mr . Wright decided to tell the truth and see if it would weight that his an underworld boss . He informs the leader the fact and reasons why his in Asia, and why is he now trying to sneak in when they found him .

After listening to Mr . Wright story, the gang leader stood up and made a call . From the way he's looking at Mr . Wright then continued talking to whomever he called, it seems that he's starting to believe what Mr . Wright told him .

After hanging up, he went towards Mr . Wright, gives him a look over once more before scratching head and asked question in a low tone of voice . "By any chance, your name is Mr . Wright?" He asked a little scared of what the answer might be .

Mr . Wright saw the way the gang leader acting, and he figured out something . "What if I am? What is it to you!" He replied growling and looking at the leader with intent to intimidate him .

"Oh, Shit! What had I done, I'm sorry!"-The leader is now sweating bullets on his forehead, he yells at his cronies . -" What are you standing there for, hurry and untie the big boss!"

"What!" The cronies hurriedly untied Mr . Wright and kneeled right after waiting for their punishment along with the leader of the gang .

Everyone was thinking the same thing, while they have their head down and kneeling . 'If this person is their big boss, they are all in hell, and there's no way out . '

Mr . Wright was going to kick the shit out of the leader, but he figures he needed him . Therefore, would wait until everything was over and then . . . 'Hell would break loose . '

"All of you get up! Now that you know who I am, there's something I want you all to do . " Mr . Wright gave them the order . . . The first and foremost was to kill CEO Jeff Go .