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Chapter 237
Olivia got up and went toward the three men standing still staring at her with killing intent . Jeff was glaring at her and if looks could kill she would have died a long time ago .

Olivia knows she had done something wrong, therefore she needed to act pitiful, and it might work . She slowly approaches them with a half smirks on her face, "What do you want? You will not have wasted your time coming here if you don't' want anything from this poor old mother of yours . " She banters to Jeff .

Jeff motionless features while staring at his mother, so many things running through his mind and one of them was to make Olivia pay for what she had done to his father .

"We need to talk! You and I alone, get ready and we're going somewhere . " Jeff ordered his mother with anger in his voice .

"Whoa! Wait a minute, who is the mother here and who is the son for you to order me around? What happens to respect your elders? Just because your grandfather raised you, it doesn't mean you could disrespect me!" Olivia was yelling as she gives him the piece of her mind .

"Mother! That's who you are, my mother! However, when was it that you ever thought of me as your son? I had always believed that my mother had died a long time ago, you are just a person that had given birth to me . You were never a mother in any sense . "

"There's no sense of us arguing over our relationship; we had established that long time ago when you left me . Let's go, my time is valuable, and you can't afford it if I had to charge you . " Jeff said it sarcastically, it made Megan's eyebrow crossed .

Ethan went to get some of his things while Jeff and Olivia were arguing, he came back just in time to hear what his brother said . Olivia thought that Ethan would be on her side, "Ethan my son, it's good your back . He wants to take me somewhere to talk, but I'm afraid what he's going to do to me . " Olivia stands behind Ethan for protection .

Ethan moved away and faced his mother . "Mother, what do you think Jeff would do to you? His your son for god sake!"

Jeff's running out of patience . "That's enough! Let's go! I don't have time for all this drama . " He then storms out of the house .

Ethan and Ronald both got a hold of Megan and Olivia, before dragging them and followed Jeff toward the vehicle that's waiting for them .

Olivia was adamant not to go; she's afraid of Jeff right now . He's featured clearly showing his intent to murder someone, and that could be them . "I don't want to go; this is kidnapping . Let me go!" Megan and Olivia both trying to get out of the hold Ronald and Ethan has on them .

Olivia was kicking Ethan, but it didn't work he hold on to his mother tighter than ever . "Mother! Stop it, please! You wouldn't want to piss me off; I would tie you both up if you don't obediently come with us . " Olivia has no choice but to be quiet and let Ethan take her wherever it might be .


They arrived at Mega World headquarters in no time . Instead of going to Jeff's office, they went to the underground facility . It's an interrogation room which was used for training Jeff's Elite Team of bodyguards . Before arrival, they put a blindfold on Olivia and Megan to make sure they do not have a way of finding out where they were being taken .

Megan and Olivia were taken in a separate room . Once inside the interrogation room, Ethan took out the blindfold and let his mother seat comfortably . "Mom, if you want older-brother to be lenient on you, I advise you to be honest with us and tell the truth alright . "

Jeff walks in with a blank look on his face . He sat down across the table where Olivia was seated . Ethan found a chair and sat the end of the table in between his mother and older-brother like a mediator .

Jeff turned on the voice recorder on his phone before he started talking with Olivia . "Mother! Tell me the truth, do you have anything to do with my father's death?" He asked straight to the point .

"Olivia looked at Jeff wide eye; she couldn't believe the question she's hearing coming out of her own son's mouth . "How could you? How could you ask me if I had anything to do with your father's death . What do you take me for?" Olivia replied arrogantly while tears started forming in her eyes .

Ethan was feeling uncomfortable the way things were progressing . 'This is their mother they are accusing of knowing their father's death, what is the proper way of asking? Is there a right way of asking or accusing once parent for killing the other parent? None!' Ethan was thinking while listening to his brother continuing the inquisition .

When Olivia still hasn't answered what Jeff wanted to hear . "Thud-bang!" Jeff pushed the table and hit his hand before . "MOTHER! PLEASE, TELL ME THE TRUTH?" His eyes and face all red from anger, he's ready to kill .

Olivia was upset that Jeff had yelled at her . She decided to piss him off more . "You want to know the truth? Alright! I'll tell you the truth . . . "