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Chapter 238

"What is the truth? Tell us! I want to know too, did you have anything to do with father's murder?" Ethan interject he's now as pissed as his brother .

Olivia's face turned ashen from what she's seeing . Here is here two sons, interrogating her if she has anything to do with their father's death . How does one answer it, the truth that would end up hurting them or a lie that would end up killing them . ' Olivia was in deep thought how she would answer .

Olivia was about to tell them the truth when Jeff's phone started buzzing . He has no choice but to answer; it's a call from one of his elite bodyguards .

"Hello! Speak! I'm in the middle of interrogation . " Jeff angrily answers his phone, he hates being interrupted most of all, but if it's important, he doesn't want to miss it as well .

"Sir, we found out who's the mole, it was the customs officer that went on board M/V Harmony, he was on Mr . Wright's payroll . One of our elite team members found out when he was questioning the customs officer . "

The customs officer tried to escape and was given a warning shot; however, he ended up falling into the water and was killed instantly . "

"Lastly he was planning on taking Mr . Wright out of the port with him, but somehow he got killed . What we couldn't understand was how did Mr . Wright manage to escape?" The elite bodyguards finished his report then hangs up .

Jeff went back to the interrogation room to finish speaking with his mother . However, when he arrives there was no one in the room . "What the hell! Ethan!!!" Jeff rushes out of the interrogation room looking for his brother and his mother .

The one he comes across was Ronald who's coming out of the other room talking to someone over the phone . "Boss! It's Ethan; he wants to speak with you . He said your busy on the phone, and he needs to leave without delay . "

Jeff took the phone that Ronald was handing him, "Hello! Where the hell are you and what did you do with Her?"

"Whoa! Hold it, that's why I'm calling you now to tell you what's going on . Mother is with me, and we're about to meet with Dad, It's best you stay out of this . I'll see you when I come back . " Ethan then hangs up without waiting for Jeff's reply .

"Ronald, quick! Track Ethan's phone he might be in danger . He's going to meet with Mr . Wright right now along with my mother, and I don't trust either of them . "

Ronald did precisely what Jeff asked, once he got the signal where Ethan was heading; It's forwarded to the Team of elite bodyguards to protect Ethan in case something happens .

Jeff went to the firearms room where all the guns were being kept . He picked a couple of nine millimeters and handed one to Ronald . "Let's go! Be careful; we are at war now . If you want to stay, stay! You don't have to go with me; it will be a dangerous mission . "

"Hahaha! What? You think just because it's dangerous; I would be scared . No way man! Do or die; I'm with you! Let's go!" Ronald leads the way out of the interrogation room .

Megan was forgotten, she's still seating in one of the interrogation room with the blindfold . "Hello! Is there anyone here? Hello!!!" Megan was screaming her head off, but there's no one for her to listen .


Mr . Wright and the gang leader along with all his cronies arranged to meet with Olivia and Ethan . The plan was to capture them and used them for ransom, which means Olivia and Ethan both .

Ethan and Olivia arrive at the place; it's an abandoned building . They slowly open the heavy door, it eve creeks as Ethan pushed it . "Hello! Is anyone around?" He yells as he pushed the door wide open .

There was no one around; he went a little further Olivia right behind him . When suddenly someone grabs hold of Olivia then hit Ethan on his head . *Pak* *Thud* He was knocked-out and collapsed on the ground .

Ethan was awakened from a bucket of cold, dirty water, much like what Mr . Wright had received a little earlier . "I'm going to give you the same treatment I received earlier . So, be prepared I'm planning on letting you have a taste of what I had received . "

Ethan looks at Mr . Wright straight on, "Why? Why? Why did you have to murder my father?"

"You want to know why I killed your father? I'll tell you why? It's because YOUR MOTHER ASKED ME TO KILL YOUR FATHER . Is that answer your question?" Mr . Wright answered Ethan without blinking at all .

"NO!!!" [Here comes my favorite part] *BANG! BANG! BANG!*