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Chapter 239
Jeff's elite team of bodyguards barged in while Mr . Wright was about to punch Ethan with the butt of a gun . One of the cronies fired *Bang, bang, bang* toward the incoming bodyguards . However, they were quick enough not to be hit, and they shot back at the person, it was a bullseye . The cronies were dead on the spot, which scares the rest enough to surrender .

Me Wright was another matter; he was quick to use Olivia as a shield by hiding behind her and wrapping his arms at her neck . He then fired at the elite bodyguards and hit a few in return .

One of the bodyguards that got hit had fired back as defense and end up hitting Olivia instead . She went limped after getting hit and collapsed at the ground, leaving Mr . Wright exposed for anyone to shoot at him . Jeff and Ronald who just entered saw the opportunity, and both fired in the direction of Mr . Wright .

One hit him right at his chest, and the other one shot him in between his eyes, Mr . Wright was dead on the spot from the two shots he received . Who shoot were doesn't matter, what matters was the person that got shot was now deceased, and he could not hurt anyone anymore .

Ethan was stunned, everything happened so quickly . He thought he was dead for sure, yet the ones on the ground were her mother and adopted father both shot to death . He doesn't know if he should feel relieved or sad, but either way, they are all now safe from threat or harm .

Jeff went towards Olivia and squatted to check if she's still alive, however, Jeff couldn't feel any more pulse . He looked at her for the last time, " Mother, may you rest in peace!" He then turned around to check at Mr . Wright; he too was dead for sure . "May you rot in hell!" *Pwe!* Jeff spits on him while filled with anger .

Police Officer Garcia and his team arrived in time to clean up the mess . There was no question asked who shot first and what . They know that Mr . Wright and Olivia were the ones that murdered Jeff and Ethan's father . [Case closed]

Ronald finally remembers that Megan Wright was still at the interrogation room back at the Mega World headquarters . He needed to fetch her and bring her to the morgue to be able to claim her father's body . Megan was hysterical and was out of control when she saw her father's dead body .

"You all murderer, you killed my father! You all going to pay for this! I'm going to kill you all; I'm going to kill whoever did this!" Megan Wright was yelling while the police were restraining her from going after Ronald .

"Please! Make sure you lock her up, or she might harm others . It's enough that she had threatened to kill someone to be locked up for good . Moreover, she's the new leader of the Mafia now since her father is dead . " Ronald ensures he informs officer Garcia .

Jeff and Ethan arranged for Mr . Wright and Olivia to get cremated . Once it was finished, Ethan poured the ashes into the ocean for their final resting .

Ethan said a few words to his mother and to his adopted father to ease the pain in his heart .

Meanwhile, Megan was charged for conspiracy and abating and was sentenced in the same prison as Claudia .


A couple of days later, Jeff, Ethan, and Ronald were inside the private jet on the way to Hawaii to be with their loved ones .