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Chapter 24

Lea was distraught this time; she had traveled almost thirty-four hours round trip for this endorsement to go down the drain just like that . She does not have it, no matter what, Ann cannot break this contract even if it kills her she will not let it happen .

"I don't understand you, a couple of days ago you told me that you had made your decision already . Is this the decision you came up with? are you kidding me? A contract to stay married to that person you called jerk not long ago . What made you change heart so suddenly?" Lea asked with tears in her eyes still flowing .

Ann just smiled to her friend and told her the real reason why she made that contract in the beginning . She said, Leah, that this would be a win-win situation .

When she got home that night after Jeff's proposal, she thought hard about her feeling toward him . For the past four years, even though they never had contact, she always thought about him . They only shared very short memory, but it still lingers in her mind .

Many guys had approached her and courted her in the past, but each time she always finds herself comparing them to Jeff . In all honesty, she's not so sure about her feelings for him yet . She doesn't know if what she was feeling now is love or just admiration . One thing she knows for sure is that Jeff can make her forget her name in a heartbeat .

For her to find out, they will need to spend more time with each other . That's why she drafted that contract with no time frame . If and when she knows for sure how she feels about Jeff, then they can void that contract . They will either live happily ever after or go on their separate ways .

Another thing is that Ann finds out that Jeff is from the same Country as her Mother and he has everything she needed to show off . He has the riches, power and on top of that his very handsome . She needed all that to show her mother that even though she left her at birth, she did not turn out badly .

After Ann explained all this to Lea, she finally understands the whole situation . " Alright I understand now, so what do you want me to do in regards to the endorsement contract I just signed?" Lea asks Ann .

"Contact the company first and inform them that I want to negotiate the deal we signed and will fly out tomorrow to meet with them and go from there alright!" That seems to satisfy Lea and started contacting the company .


Lea's trying to book them a flight as soon as possible . However, she was not successful; the travel agent informed her that if they are willing to be a chance passenger, she will put them on the list . Lea wasn't happy about the result if it was her flying its no problem, but Ann will be flying with her . To let her talent sit in the airport is not possible . People might recognize her, and it will be bad for her image .

When Lea informs Ann about the dilemma, Ann told her not to worry about her image, she's not that famous yet and to go ahead and put their name on the list .

While they were preparing for their trip abroad, Jeff in the other hand was preparing their journey back home . It's going to be a very long flight, so he wants to ensure that Ann will be traveling in comfort . He told Ronald to arranges one of their private airplanes and prepare to leave the next day .

Jeff was so excited that he forgot to call Ann that night to inform her of his arrangement . When morning came, he finds out that Ann had left already . Jeff went into panic mode . He calls a particular person then hang up and told Ronald to go straight to the Airport .