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Chapter 240
Jeff and Ethan decided to have a heart to heart talk of what had happened . They wanted to understand how and why Olivia had turned to be that type of a mother .

"Bro . . . Did you hate mother for leaving you with our grandfather back then?" Ethan asked seriously with a hint of sadness in his eyes .

Jeff was in deep thought; he's trying to analyze what he honestly feels at that time and now before replying . "Back then I was still young and rebellious . Right after you and mother left me with grandfather, I hated her for what she did, and I promised myself never to forgive her . "

Jeff turned his head and looked away towards outside the window of the jet; he stared at the white cloud before continuing with what he was saying .

"When I was in college I would go and fly to Las Vegas just to get a glimpse of you and mother from afar . " - He sighed loudly, before gulping the cocktail drink in front of him . He looked at his brother straight on his face; tears started forming in his eyes .

"Every year on your birthday I would see what kind of party she would throw for you, but she never did . She was always busy catering to her new husband whim, never pay any attention to your need . At least that's what I saw when I come and visit, and I started to feel sorry for you . "

"You are right; she was never there for me when I was growing up . Either she's in the Casino gambling or out gallivanting somewhere with her husband and stepdaughter . There was the time when I wonder why did she bother taking me with her, why didn't she just left me with you and grandfather?" Ethan is now getting emotional, and his voice was starting to crack .

"At first I thought she was forced by Mr . Wright and she has no choice, but from what I saw growing up . . . -she's the one who instigated everything . I believed Mr . Wright when he said it was our mother who ordered him to murder our father . It's sad but it's the truth . "

Ethan wiped a tear that started to form in his eyes . He doesn't want his brother to see him this way, too emotional to the point of crying . It's too embarrassing for a man like him to cry like a baby, but he couldn't help it, the tears won't stop appearing no matter how much he wiped it .

Jeff patted his brother's knee, "It's alright brother there's only us here . Cry if you must, let it all go hahaha!" Jeff said it jokingly to make Ethan feel a little better .

"It's funny how it took us this long before we finally have a heart to heart talk . Mother has to pass away first before we could have a family bonding . Hehe! it's weird in a way . " Ethan banters to Jeff .

The two brothers continued their family bonding until they landed at Hawaii Intl . Airport . Once they were clear to embark, all three got up like the devil was chasing them .

They did not inform anyone of their departure, they wanted to surprise them . However, they were the one got surprised when they embarked from the tarmac . Three beautiful women were waiting for them at the VIP waiting room seating comfortably chatting among themselves .

Jeff's was grinning from ear to ear when he saw his wife . He misses her so much, his heart feels like it's about to burst from happiness to see her beautiful face looking at him lovingly .

Ann rushed to greet her husband with a tight hug and resounding kiss . Lea jumped on Ronald then kissed him hard like it the end of the world . Lastly, Ethan still waiting for Eva who's standing rooted to the ground looking at him at lost of what to do .

Ethan had to make the first move; he walked towards Eva so fast, he almost tripped on the way . Once he reaches her, he lifted her and twirled her around then kissed her so gently on both of her cheeks .

Eva was a little disappointed, but she didn't show it to Ethan . She was expecting to receive a sweet kiss on her lips, but Ethan was too much of a gentleman and didn't want to embarrass her in return .

Jeff was the first one to ask a question . "We didn't inform you on purpose so we could surprise you, how did you know?"

"Hahaha! You right about not informing us, but we called Mr . Butler at home, and he told me that you're on the way . So we decided to surprise you instead . "

Jeff's face turned sour once he heard that his butler sold him to his wife . "He specifically told him not to say to her if she called, but then it seems she holds more power than him at home . He better watch out when we get back home . " He grumbles as they were making their way out of the VIP waiting room .


A big luau party was prepared for the arrival of Jeff, Ethan and Ronald to celebrate the success of the mission . They had a conflict at first if they should have a party or not due to Olivia's sudden demise, but grandfather Go, Albert Tan and Sophia was the instigator .

"Why shouldn't we celebrate? To finally get rid of the evil person is a blessing . I don't care! It's an order; we would hold a luau party tonight!" Grandfather Go insisted and Albert and Sophia second it . That was the end of the story; No if's and no but's .

The party was already in full swing by the time they arrived . Grandpa Go with Grandma Tan, Albert with Sophia, and Old Ron and his wife were in the middle of the dancing floor shaking their booty . . . While Don-Don and Bentong were cheering them .

It was a sight to see, a family bonding where there's nothing to be afraid off and no one's threatening their lives . Jeff, Ann, Ethan, Eva, Lea, and Ronald were all speechless with a wide grin on their faces as they watch the happy moment unfolding in front of them .

They ate, drank and danced all night long until everyone was finally exhausted and couldn't carry on any longer . The first ones to get knocked out were Grandpa Go and Grandma Tan, along with the two boys . Next to follow where the Tan's and then Old Ron and his wife . They bid their good nights to the three couples and then left them on their device .

Jeff couldn't wait any longer, as soon as the elders left he was quick to carry his wife and left heading towards their room . Ronald got up and pulled Lea up, "You want me to carry you too?" He teased Lea before lifting her as well and carried her to towards their room .

The only one left was Ethan and Eva both scratching their head's unable to decide what to do . . .

'Give me a sign that you want me to carry you too . ' His thinking while looking at Eva salivating .

Eva, on the other hand, was thinking . . .