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Chapter 241

NOTE: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK,[ XXX-CHAPTER ] No one underage allowed to read . This is strictly for adult only .

Ethan wanted to follow suit to carry Eva to his room and give her a taste of heaven . It's too bad that he's such a gentleman, if not he would have done it for sure .

Eva couldn't take it anymore, 'how slow could this man be? If you're not going to make the first move, then let me do it for you . ' She got up and grabs Ethan hand without a word, drag him straight to her room then locked the door behind them .

Once the door was closed and locked, she pushed him standing his back against the door, then kissed him like the seductress she saw at one of the movies she recently watched .

"What was that all about?" Ethan had to ask, and he was stunned with her bold move . That's all he needed . Ethan lifted Eva and carried her towards the bed while their lips still locked with each other .

Ethan was already hot and ready; his shaft was hard as a rock, and he's at the point of no return . His hands slowly made its way towards Eva's back, he was searching for the hook of her bra, and when he found it, he flicked it with his fingers like a professional, and it was undone in one try .

The smile on Ethan's face was from ear to ear when it happened; he slowly eased down towards her cleavage to find the pink tip of her breast . He slowly kissed it at first, then started licking like eating a sweet ice candy, it was so fresh and delicious that he started sucking it like a baby .

Eva arched her body forward towards Ethan; she wanted more of whatever it is his doing to her . Her desire was building rapidly, and the sensation was overwhelming, and she's unable to stop herself from moaning . . . "Ooooh . . . Ummm . . . Aaaah!!! It's . . . It's . . . "

Ethan stopped for a moment to make sure she's alright .

"Ooooh!!! Don't stop! Pleeeeese!" Eva's begging for all she might, the burning desire that she's now feeling is like the flu that needed a shot . She so wet down below, and she doesn't know how and what to do to release whatever it is she's feeling .

Ethan wanted so badly to enter her and give Eva the release that she badly needed . However, his commonsense hit again and didn't want to take advantage of the situation . Ethan decided to test the water first .

'Let see if your still a virgin, if you are then . . . ' Ethan was thinking while his finger was inching down towards Eva's underwear . He slid his hand and slowly glided and touch her soft bud first, then slowly slid his middle finger to test the water . 'She's so tight and wet, Ummm . . . ' He secretly smiles to himself .

Eva felt his finger inside her and loving every moment of it . She arched her back to accept his finger in depth better . Ethan decided to add a little bit more excitement, he slowly pulled his middle finger out then in, then out and then in .

Whenever he slowly pull his finger, Eva's butt and hips would raise up following his finger . That's all Ethan needed he went on top of Eva and started sucking on her nipples, while he's still fingering her in and out .

Eva finally found her guts to unbutton Ethan's pants and lower it enough for his manhood to be exposed, allowing his erection to cushion against her soft opening .

She wanted Ethan's manhood inside of her, not his finger, and she wanted to feel that already plumb and swollen hard thing that been poking her the whole time .

Ethan has to make sure, "Are you sure? There no turning back once it goes inside of you . " He asked with an acute surge of desire . . .